Royal Carribean – Legends of the Sea (2012)

Looking back at the list of holidays we have taken with the kids, it suddenly dawned onto me that as first time parents with Jah, we were really quite afraid of travelling overseas. I say that with such disbelief because we love travelling!!! (ok the holidaying part because Joel will tell you that he hates flying!)

With Jah, we had only been on 1 overseas trip (Phuket) by the time the boy turned 1. Bella on the flip side, has been on 4 overseas trip (Penang, Bali, Perth and Hong Kong) and she is 15 months now.

I think we were so fearful of how Jah would be on the plane (he cried like a maniac on his flights to and from Phuket) that we just convinced ourselves to take the path of least resistance. So while we were really craving for time away from home, we decided to try another mode of transportation, a cruise liner! Continue reading

Grocery Shopping Online – A Busy Mum’s Solution

As a newly-wed couple, grocery shopping on weekends used to be quite therapeutic and it was our way of ‘playing house’. However grocery shopping as a parent/ mum is a whole different ball game. It sort of reminds me of those supermarket game shows where you get 5 minutes to run in and grab everything you want!  Except the contestants do not have a 3 year old child trying to buy everything from the chocolate/ snacks section or a 1 year old toddler who attempts to grab everything off the shelves. In fact I often find myself carefully ensuring that my trolley maintains that fine balance in the middle of the aisle where the left and right shelves are just out of reach from those little nimble fingers. Don’t even get me started on the task that lies ahead after payment is done! As if regular groceries are not heavy enough, you now also have diapers and tins of milk powder to juggle with.

Therefore very early on in my career as a first time mummy, I decided to let someone else do the heavy lifting when it comes to groceries. Continue reading

Jah’s First Holiday @ 7 months old – Dewa Phuket

I mentioned in an earlier post that one of the key to selecting a holiday destination for our family is to choose somewhere that we have been to before or are familiar with. Phuket and specifically Dewa Phuket was a destination and resort that we have been to twice prior to Jah’s arrival.

We went there as a couple in 2010 and again for our babymoon in mid 2011. The flight time to Phuket from Singapore was a mere hour and 40 minutes and the resort was located on Nai Yang beach which was about a 5 minutes drive away from Phuket International Airport. While this meant that it was far from the hustle and bustle of Patong Beach, we actually preferred a quiet place for relaxation. Continue reading

[Results] GIVEAWAY – The Playhouse @ Rochester – Art Camp!!!!


The nice people at The Playhouse have very kindly offered to give away a 2 Day Art Camp package to 2 lucky readers of Growing Up with JahBella.

Congratulations to the 2 winners of our 2 Day Art Camp package giveaway, kindly sponsored by The Playhouse @ Rochester.

1) Jaime Chan

2) Robert Sim

We will be contacting you shortly, for your details to claim your prize.

We will also be conducting a series of giveaways with The Playhouse @ Rochester in the coming months. So Watch This Space! 🙂

The Playhouse @ Rochester is a playhouse featuring an outdoor garden playground including a small water play area and an indoor playground which is unlike your typical indoor playground. The playhouse is also home to the Rochester Café which serves a super yummy brunch menu on weekends. Continue reading

Weekend Escapades – Planning your Next Holiday

Are you thinking of planning for your next holiday but have no idea where to start? Well check out the Weekend Escapades app which has just been newly refreshed. It is basically an app which provides you with travel tips to 52 Asian destinations within a 6-hour flight radius to Singapore. Perfect and within a comfortable flight time when travelling with your little ones. Continue reading