Hilary’s Boat Harbour – Perth (March 2014)

The last day of our Perth Holiday 2014 was spent at Hilary’s Boat Harbour. It was quite a drive out from where we were staying (approx 45 minutes) and I would have given it a pass, if not for the fact that I had to collect our photoshoot pics. But I’m so glad that we were ‘forced’ to make that trip and quite sad that we didn’t do this earlier in our trip.

We were spoilt for choice when it came to food options but we settled for The Sorrento Beach Shack because of its very apparent child friendly facilities. Jah was more than happy to explore their dedicated play area and he would have gone home with a few of those toys if he had any say in the matter.



Close by to the restaurants, was a little inlet with very shallow waters and a nice sandy ‘beach. Thanks to our photographer’s advice, we came prepared with swimming gear and a nice picnic mat. The weather was nice and warm and Jah had tons of fun trying to catch little fishes with his sand bucket. To be honest, Joel and I had lots of fun trying to catch them too. :p  Bella entertained herself with ‘sand eating’ on the beach and well making new friends. 🙂



There was also a little playground on the beach but that area got a little hot towards mid-day.



I wished we could have spent the entire day at Hilary’s! There were attractions like a Marine Discovery Centre or ferries to take you to Rottnest Island. There was even a water theme park situated right next to where we were. I think the kids would enjoy it if they were a lot older. And there was definitely no shortage of food and drinks options to keep everyone full and happy for a whole day.


This brings me to the final instalment of our Perth Holiday 2014! It also just made me realize that since we only scrap the surface with this trip and fully intend to revisit most of these places, our to-do list for future Perth trips just got longer!

Recap of our Perth 2014 Itinerary

Day 1: Four Seasons House 

Day 2: Swan Valley Caversham Wildlife Park and Margaret River Chocolate Factory

Day 3: The Maze, Chinese Food and San Churros @ Northbridge

Day 4: Penguin Island

Day 5: Trigg Beach Family Photo Shoot 

Day 5 (Part 2): Lansdale Farm School

Day 6: Kings Park Lotterywest Family Park

Day 7: Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm

Day 8: Adventure World

Also check out our Perth/ Margaret River, Western Australia Trip (Auguest 2016)

So yes, if anyone thinks Perth is too boring and has nothing fun to offer the kids and adults, think again! 🙂

JahBella’s Mummy

30 thoughts on “Hilary’s Boat Harbour – Perth (March 2014)

  1. Hi Jahbella’s mummy! This was the best read I have gone through so far on perth! I am travelling there with my two girls, 3 1/2 and 10 months! Really similar to yours! Would Margaret River be too long a drive for the young ones? I am going to be there for 8 days in Sept! And thought I could cover Margaret River too!


    • Thanks Jewel! Are your kids good during car rides? My kids can get quite impatient so whilst we have done Margaret River many times as a couple, we figured the kids may not be able to endure a 4 hour drive or it would take countless stops and end up being way longer than 4 hours…

      If you are going for a longer period then I would say probably worth the effort since you will be able to stay a lot longer in Margaret River but if you are looking at 8 days then I would say you will have enough in Perth city and its surrounding areas (within 1 hour car ride) to occupy the kids..my itinerary was a 10 day one and we pretty much covered a different place everyday (bearing in mind of course that we headed back for naps every afternoon). Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂


      • Hi! Thank you for your reply! We tried booking the accommodation that you mentioned but they didn’t accept advance reservations of more than 2 weeks.. Sadly.. My older one is good with car rides but we have not tried with the younger one.. I am going for 9 days now.. Ppl kept telling me that I’m missing out if I don’t travel to Margaret River.. I am having a huge dilemma now..


      • Oh that’s strange because we booked it ahead of time..which portal are u using to book?

        Yes Margaret River is quite the gem but it depends on what u intend to do there? U might be able to get a similar experience in Swan Valley..Margaret River is only worthwhile if u r going there for at least 3D2N (that’s what we used to do without kids) honestly with kids I would spend more time there and take it slow.:so it really depends on what activities u r looking for 🙂


      • Oh I used another portal instead of the airbnb one cos I couldn’t find it on airbnb, would you happen to have the link to the accomodation? Perhaps i can try to find it that way.. thank you so much for your advice! I’m going to have a discussion with my husband later! Hopefully we can decide soon.. I actually don’t wish to move around too much too..


      • Yeah I would say 9 days around Perth and its surroundings within 1 hour car ride is good enough..point to note my itinerary was based on us going back every afternoon for a nap

        Search “large 4 bed house overlooking park” in airbnb ..that’s the title in goes by


      • Hihi Jahbella’s mummy, can I check how many photos did Rachel give to you for the photoshoot? I checked with so many companies and they refused to give digital copies only.. They are like charging $500 for 5 photos!


      • Yeah a lot of them don’t do digital copies..even Rachel’s package are based on no digital copies if I remember correctly n it was based on a big print but i separately enquires if I could top up for digital copies as I was returning to Singapore and a big print would be inconvenient for transporting..have u approached her yet to enquire on her package?


      • YA a lot of companies are still requesting for $50 a copy… It’s really crazily expensive! Haha! Will be using Rachael! Think she is very reasonable!


      • Now I’m really more worried about how my 10 month old will take the flight… Not sure if she will sleep well! How did your younger one fare on the flight?


      • What time is you flight? Honestly I feel the younger they are the easier it is to manage them..the tough part normally starts when they are more mobile between 2-3 years old n they are super antsy in their pants..

        10 mths old relatively easier to care for on the flight..bring a carrier if u use one and put her in if she fusses..keep to her schedule..since Perth is same time zone n a relatively short flight..keep to her nap times n meal times etc..n just be prepared that she might cry during take off n landing and just stay calm..it will pass 🙂


      • Thank you so much for your encouragement.. I am really worried and thinking why did I ever plan a trip when she is so young.. Haha sigh.. My flight is 12pm-5:30pm arrival sin-perth. The return is the scary one.. 7pm-12mn


      • Hahha honestly this is probably the best time…haha n the more she gets used to traveling the better behaved she will be btw 2-4 which is the probably more difficult because they move around n can refuse to nap etc lol..what time is her bed time? Just stick to her usual schedule n u will be fine..if she sleeps from 9-12mn even better for u..so don’t worry 😉


      • I believe we paid about $300-$500 can’t rem the exact price now because we negotiated for some tweaks in the package eg. Not getting an actual print because we were traveling and topping up for everything in soft copy


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