My Little Climbing Room (Exclusive Media Preview and Giveaway)

I remember a time a few years ago (honestly not too long ago) when both Jah and Bella would look forward to their next session at an indoor playground almost every weekend. Of course this usually meant that the poor parents (us) had to crouch, crawl and bend through the average 2 hour session. We have almost stopped visiting indoor playgrounds entirely in recent time because these bones are getting older and the kids now don’t need us to join them but WANT us to join them. But more so because most indoor playgrounds now lack an appeal or a challenge to the now much older JahBella.

When My Little Climbing Room invited us to an exclusive sneak preview of their new attraction for kids activity in Singapore, we thought why not? After all, its been some time since we have been to one of these indoor playgrounds and the concept seems alittle different.

We told JahBella that we were taking them to a ‘climbing place’ and they wanted to go immediately. These monkeys have taken to climbing recently so I was also happy to unleash them while the adults could ‘sit back’.

We got to My Little Climbing Room on a weekend afternoon and there was ample parking at their location (The Promenade @ Pelikat). Yes hooray for the North-East siders because this is just at our need to battle the East or Central crowds 😉

Each pre-scheduled session last for 90 minutes and the kids got tagged and suited up as soon as they arrive. As with all ‘dangerous’ activites :p they had to watch a safety briefing video although honestly I think it is really more for the parents to learn how to use the rope system. My Little Climbing Room is literally a room lined with different types of climbing walls, with varying degrees of difficulty and levels of interaction. Kids were given a mission card where they could collect stars for each level of difficulty that they complete. There were also little balance equipments to play with while waiting for your turn or if you just wanted to take a break.


The session started with the kids all running off to claim a wall and a parent/ adult would have to help belay them or tighten/ loosen their rope as they climb up or come down the wall. Easy peasy for the adults since the kiddos were well pretty light 😉 The kids took awhile to warm up and get their groove. All starting alittle apprehensive and giving very cautionary looks to their parents. Almost as if they were asking, you sure I can climb this? That’s when I realized we probably tell them “no don’t climb” or “please come down” abit too much as opposed to “go for it” or “you can do it”


By the time the kids were all warmed up, it was time for a ‘break’ (for the parents that is ;p). The staff at My Little Climbing Room took over for the next 30 minutes and starting playing games with the kids. Lights out, music on and let the games begin! The kids were going crazy! Screaming! Squealing! Laughing! Running! Climbing! Oh this is going to get them nice and tired. 😀


The kids went back to their climbing routine after the games and if you think they were too tired for more climbing by then. Think again! The kids all seemed to have this sudden renewed appreciation for climbing and they all somehow went higher and did better. Jah and Bella almost didn’t want to leave when it was time to go.


Jah is 6 years old and most of the walls were right up his alley, save for a few harder challenges where he really had to push himself in order to complete. But they honestly challenged him more than they deter him. In fact, we were almost at the end of the 90 minute session when he realize he still had a few missions to complete. He was almost resigned to coming back another day but suddenly found a new burst of energy and yes he completed it and claimed his prize.


Bella who is 4 years old, was able to complete most of the Level 1 challenges and hung out a lot more at the interactive walls such as the number wall and the obstacle course wall. She didn’t complete her mission list but was totally chill about it because she had so much fun!

If you are wondering if your kid is too young for this, the answer is no. My Little Climbing Room caters to children below the ages of 4 too but it will just mean that they have to take baby steps to scaling each wall but still an awesome introduction to the world of climbing!

My Little Climbing Room has just opened their doors to the public 2 weekends ago. If you are thinking of heading down to try the place out, we would doing an online booking first to make a reservation. As there are fixed slots throughout the day and each slot can take up to 15 children, it would be best to have a slot secured so that you don’t end up waiting around for the next slot. Admission is free for one adult, with every paying child and $5 for an additional adult.  For more details, check out


My Little Climbing Room has also very kindly offered 2 pairs of admission passes to 2 of our lucky readers. To enter, just follow the following steps

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