My Bittersweet Moments

Most of us parents would have experienced or eventually come to experience the bittersweet moments when our little baby (regardless of age) does something or stops doing something, to signify he or she is growing up. We often say or wish in our hearts that they would grow up a little faster so that perhaps we could resume alittle bit of that sleeping in, we so missed or they would become more self sufficient and we could have more time to ourselves. Then we hit those bittersweet moments and we may do a small victory dance for all of 5 seconds and then wish that we could hold this little or not so little being in our arms and that they would never grow up. Continue reading

Perth, Western Australia Itinerary – March 2014

We were very excited to finally embark on our longest flight yet (5 hours) with the kids (Jah at 2.5 years old and Bella at 10 months old). We were even more excited that it was a trip to Perth, the place where Joel and I spent most of our long distance dating years aside from his school breaks in Singapore. We were looking forward to revisiting some places (this time with 2 kids!) and to explore new places that we never considered visiting when we were dating. We had a jam packed 10 day holiday with almost a different activity planned for each day and even then we only ‘contained’ ourselves to within a 1 hour driving radius from our accommodation. So whoever said that Perth is boring, will have to talk to me again or well read our upcoming posts because I can tell you that we barely scratched the surface!

Enjoying his big boy moment on the flight

Enjoying his big boy moment on the flight

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Penang with a baby and toddler – Sep 2013

Our first trip overseas with 2 kids was to Penang when Bella was 3 months old and Jah was just shy of 2 years old. Looking back I’m not too sure why we chose Penang except for the fact that maybe I was feeling deprived after confinement and really just wanted to have all the good hawker food I could get my hands on. That being said, the flight to Penang is approximately 2 hours (which is short enough for a first trip), we also stayed at a hotel which I was familiar with from one of my work trips and the hotel location was central enough for us to be self-sufficient over the few days.


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Why a C-section doesn’t make you less of a woman/mother

I often hear women say that they feel like less of a mother or that they don’t feel like they have ‘given birth’ because they had a c-section birth and didn’t go through labour. And as much as I tell myself that thought is rubbish, I have also had my envious moments when I read/ hear of friends having a natural birth and ‘better’ still go without any pain relief. I suppose this might ring in as one of the top regrets for any c-section mummy if you asked what she wished she could change about her entire pregnancy journey.

Today I read a post online and it slapped some sense back into me. :p While I have to say the post was alittle extreme, it got its point across and got me thinking. Article Link

So while I envy/ admire/ take my hat off to all natural birth mummies, here are some reasons why I feel that a C-section doesn’t make you any less a woman or a mother. In fact we should wear our C-section mummy badge with honour! 🙂 Continue reading

Trick Eye Musuem – Sep 2014

We found ourselves at the Trick Eye Musuem on Sunday. Was initially a little skeptical if the kids would enjoy themselves, given that they are so young and Jah prefers selfies (which is not doable at the trick eye Musuem)


To be honest it was a little stressful for me. Trying to usher a kid to the ‘right spot’ and then trying to get Joel’s attention, to come snap a pic (sometimes to find the moment has passed and the kid especially Jah is no longer willing) sigh… I was sweating buckets and was exhausted. Continue reading