Parents to JahBella

So who are we? Just two every-day full-time working parents looking to document the growing up years of our two children, Jah (4.5 years old) and Bella (3 years old). As a couple, I think we have ticked quite a number of boxes when it comes to dating and marriage challenges, think a 3 year long distance relationship and an inter-racial marriage and wedding to boot. But no one quite prepared us for the roller-coaster ride, in the form of two super funny, super opinionated, super energetic, and definitely super opposites little versions of us!

As a couple, we loved eating, travelling and playing golf together. As parents, we still love eating and travelling with our kids. Golf will just have to wait for now :p

Hopefully this blog will be able to chronicle the journeys we take with our children and the challenges we face as parents. And we can look back one day and share these memories with these two little ones. For now, we would like to share these memories with you….:)

photo 3

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