Top 5 children’s books in our little library

I chanced upon some books the other day and it brought back A LOT of memories for me. Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, ok and I will admit I read those as well as the Sweet Valley series, Bookworm Club…and ermm.. Archie comics..

OK but that’s not the point here…the point is I love reading!! And I’m pretty sure it all started because 1) my mum encouraged it and 2) my school reinforced it.  I remember going to the bookstore and not being able to decide which Enid Blyton title to get and being allowed to get the 3 titles I wanted. I remember reading my Nancy Drew book in the school hall because there was a designated reading time for the entire school and totally loving that period. Tust me there were very few of us who were tempted to chit chat, I think the only type of conversations/ whispering that took place during that period was to ensure that your friend lends you her book after she finishes.

So I’m glad that as a family we agree on the importance of there being no budget when it comes to books. Continue reading