Jah’s Mini Rock Concert

Jah got home after his birthday staycation and immediately wanted to play with his new drum set. What he did next, surprised me and the entire family. Instead of just hitting the drums like he did the day before at the party, he decided that he would sing too!! Given that he usually is quite shy about singing in front of people, I was shocked that he was super into the whole thing.

I say super because he went on to sing several songs, much like a mini Jah rock concert :p and even asked me to help him think of more songs..

So allow me to indulge while I post videos of all the songs he did that morning 🙂  My personal favourites are Five little speckled frog and the wheels on the bus

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Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm – Perth (March 2014)

After exposing the kids to the Swan Valley Caversham Wildlife Park on Day 1 and the Lansdale Farm school two days ago, I was starting to wonder if another day spent with animals would be wise at all. Wouldn’t the kids be extremely bored of animals by now? Was it going to be worth the drive? I’m pretty sure a lot of people would probably have decided to give it a pass if they were in our position but we decided to go ahead with it.

It was a really really hot day and I was getting alittle irritable with the weather and the potential of it being a disappointing day for the kids. But I can’t tell you how wrong I was.

The Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm may not look as polished as some of the other parks. In fact I have heard people describing it as run-down and dirty and therefore discouraging others to visit it on their trip. But honestly, it’s a farm! I don’t expect the farm to be in tip-top spanky clean condition, after all animals live there!

What I liked and enjoyed about the place was really the fact that it stayed ‘true to its roots’ as a farm while still managing to accommodate the little children and make things a little fun and interactive for them. What amazed me about the place was the young girls who were working there and dealing with the animals! It was pure hard back-breaking work but these teenagers didn’t seem to mind it one bit. They took their work very seriously and were not concerned about how hot it was or how dirty/ smelly things were. Definitely something a lot of teenagers could learn from.

The entry cost to the farm included interaction with animals, free tractor rides around the farm, free food to feed the animals and free bottle feeding to name a few.


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Jah’s unwrapping presents post including the much-awaited giant egg!

Yes, this post will mainly feature videos because if a picture speaks a thousand words then these videos will tell you the whole story..the story of how a little 3 year old boy manages to blow out his own birthday candles and finally understands the joy of unwrapping presents. Also the excitement of seeing his own Giant egg that he literally could not find the words to express himself …:p

Before we get to the present part, heres a little clip of how Jah attempts to blow out his birthday candles

And now for the presents, first up, unwrapping his present from Aunty Charm and Uncle Yip, it was the longest gift unwrapping I ever witnessed and this was with help from his aunty…they wrap presents very securely nowadays it seems..


Next up, a present from Aunty Rans and Uncle Khai, to ride on the Transformer craze he is in..


And finally the moment we have all been waiting for!!!! The unveiling of the Giant Egg and sorry but the eventually peeling of the playdoh and the mini egg opening is alittle anti-climatic but I’m pretty sure it was fun for the kids 😉 so thats all that matters right?



JahBella’s Mummy



Our Precious Moment with Jah – Post Injury

Watching your child enjoying himself in play or while singing a song has got to be every parent’s favorite moment. But it is especially precious when your child has just suffered a head injury and you haven’t seen him smile or talk much in the last 48 hours.

Our precious moment from yesterday (when the pain decided to leave him alone for a few minutes)

Jah convincing me to follow him so that he could take coins from his Papa’s box to fill his own ‘bank’

Jah singing about his new coin collection – the irony of the last line for his Papa though :p

Enjoy your weekend with your loved ones! 🙂

JahBella’s Mummy