Weekend Escapades – Planning your Next Holiday

Are you thinking of planning for your next holiday but have no idea where to start? Well check out the Weekend Escapades app which has just been newly refreshed. It is basically an app which provides you with travel tips to 52 Asian destinations within a 6-hour flight radius to Singapore. Perfect and within a comfortable flight time when travelling with your little ones.

The app has tons of useful features apart from being a ‘guidebook’ of sorts. No need to purchase a dedicated travel guide or think of a specific destination to google for. The app has destinations listed in several ways, you can either choose to view all destinations (by country) and gain inspiration from there, narrow it down by categories such as Culture, Kids-Friendly, Shopaholic, Romantic Gateway, Adventure or Foodie or let its ‘Top Picks/ Featured Destination’ give you some suggestions.

When viewing specific destinations, the app allows you to bookmark, like and even share the information. It provides you with quick facts like which airline flies there from Singapore, the weather, a real-time currency converter, tips on when to go and visa requirements. Detailed information for each destination are categorized by Attractions,  Recommended Itineraries, Shop, Dine, Stay, Events and even a phrasebook to help cope with language differences!!

The app also has a section on Airline Promotions and a Search Function to look up flights. There is currently also a Win a Weekend Escapade contest which you are eligible to join if you download the app. J

So what are you waiting for? I’m so glad that I am still brainstorming for ideas for next year’s holiday destinations. This app is going to come in very handy!

Happy Planning!

JahBella’s Mummy

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