D’Elegance Shapewear Review

I shared about my personal consultation experience with local shapewear company, D’Elegance last week. After a week of putting their shapewear through the ‘rigourous’ task of daily wear under work dresses, casual jeans and tops and formal dresses for weddings. I now have a review of what works as well as my personal recommendations.

So during my personal consultation last week, I was fortunate enough to try most of their products including their wonderful corset which could work in both strap and strapless situation. However because I needed something that would take me through the daily grind rather than a cocktail party, I opted to take home the more versatile pieces like their absolutely divine brassiere and panties as well as their body suit, long girdle and waist slimmer.

As mentioned before, all their pieces could either be worn individually or all together! Yes trust me, it works even better when they are worn all at the same time and truly doesn’t add bulk.



Brassiere and Panties

Before I talk about the actual shapewear per se, I need to introduce D’Elegance’s Brassiere and Panties to everyone! I cannot say this enough but I absolutely love these pieces. Most women are actually wearing the wrong size when it comes to their bras, yes me included! And this causes a lot of problems and ultimately leads to long term issues like arm pit or back fats because the fats from the chest have moved to the wrong places and out of habit intend to stay in the wrong places.

I love that the D’Elegance bras provide fantastic support with a cup that doesn’t neglect the sides of the chest. I have often seen too many bras that provide insufficient support and barely cover enough. Of course, the personal consultation with D’Elegance also helped a great deal in getting me the right bra size and teaching me the right technique to wear a bra. Trust me, it’s not just about bending forward to fill the cup before hooking the clasp.


The panties are silky and super comfortable. Yes I know they look like ‘granny’ panties because of the high waist but they are the furthest things from unattractive granny panties. The lace on the panties are soft and non-scratchy and most importantly, it provides good coverage. Why must you have good coverage for your underwear you ask? Well so that you don’t find yourself with waist band marks that have dug so deep into your skin that they have pretty much become permanent and have shifted your fats into the wrong positions and cause fat folds to form and stay at part of your lower body. Definitely 1 product that I am going to be stocking up on!

Body Suit


I absolutely love the body suit because it can be worn with my favourite D’Elegance bra and panties. It provides me with excellent posture support and I found myself constantly going to this particular piece every day of the week because I loved that it helped me maintain an upright posture throughout the day. I have noticed recently that a slouch has become part and parcel of my posture and the body suit helped to keep me upright without being uncomfortable. The only downside for me is the fact that I can’t wear it with every top as its lace straps are alittle thicker than some of the straps of my tops. The body suit is a really comfortable piece and I actually wore it on a week where I was outdoors a lot and I didn’t feel the heat even with a body suit and long girdle on.

Long Girdle


My go to piece when I needed a flatter tummy and a perkier butt than what the body suit can give me. You will notice that the long girdle comes with a 3D butt area. This means that unlike regular shape wear which flattens your butt and makes it looks like a flat wide piece. The D’Elegance long girdle allows your butt to fill up the 3D space in its material and the result? A butt that is not flatten but rather, is shaped into a regular, toned butt. The panels around the abdomen areas are also ‘thicker’ than the body suit which means it is better used for addressing issues around the abdomen.



The 3D-ness

Waist Slimmer


The waist slimmer is as its name suggest, a binder which you can use to slim your waist. For those who have given birth before and use a Velcro binder to bind your tummies, this is somewhat similar except that it uses mini clasps to secure itself. Almost like a corset but just for the waist. This piece I have to say, is extremely effective!!!! I managed to fit into a dress that I had recently bought and had not been able to wear because it was a size too small! It not only slimmed my waist but also contained my hips so that I could fit into that dress nicely. Pure happiness when I realized I didn’t have to chuck that new purchase to the back of my cupboard!

One thing to note about the D’elegance pieces is the fact that different parts/ panels of each piece are made from slightly different materials or may be slightly thicker/ thinner than other parts. Which is the beauty of their product if you ask me. Unlike other brands which are made from 1 material only or come in 1 thickness throughout, the D’Elegance range ensures that there is flexibility and mouldability to its products, depending on the problem areas that each product is supposed to address.


So there we have it, my personal experiences with the D’Elegance pieces.

If you are looking to check out some of their pieces, do make an appointment for your own exclusive personal consultation. Quote JahBella for a waiver of the S$100 personal consultation fee and receive a discount of 5% off your first purchase.

D’Elegance is also having a 1 for 1 promotion (until 29 Feb 2016) for my favourite brassieres and panites!

Check out some of the info on D’Elegance’s products and packages below as well.






10 Anson Road

International Plaza #03-15/16

Singapore 079903

Tel: 6226-3013

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/delegance.shapewear

JahBella’s Mummy

Disclaimer: I was invited for a free personalized consultation with D’Elegance and given products for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are my own.


Apple Watch Review [Newbies perspective after less than 24 hours]

I guess as the techie of the family, it is only befitting that I should get the newly released Apple Watch as my birthday gift. :p Ok no, its also because I have a sweet husband who knows that I love gadgets especially Apple gadgets. Ironically I have been so busy that I haven’t really had the time to keep track or really read about Apple’s latest product. Which also meant that I only read about all of its functions for the first time, 2 days before the watch was delivered/gifted to me.

So now that the watch has been in my possession for slightly more than 12 hours, I will attempt to review this watch from the perspective of someone who has been using it for less than a day.

What are some of its better features that immediately ‘grabbed’ me within the first 24 hours? What are some of the features that could potentially come in very handy once I get the hang of the watch? And who knows maybe we will have a ‘longevity’ post in a couple of weeks or months on what are the features that I still find useful months down the road.

The Apple Watch was delivered in a solid brown box which looked like I would open it to find an Apple Strudel inside but well it weighed a ton so probably not. I opened it to find a nice white box (typical of the Apple packaging) that was longer than your 15cm ruler (ermm how long was this watch going to be). The watch came in a default M/L length with an additional strap (S/M length) which I later replaced.



To configure your watch, you just had to make sure that you had the Apple Watch app installed on your iphone, switch on wifi and Bluetooth and follow the instructions on your iPhone screen, easy peasy!! Setting up your notification preferences, favourite people to call, apps to appear on your watch etc was done very simply through the Apple Watch app.

Now that we have ascertain how easy it is to set up. Lets talk about what I think are some of my favourites features from a new user perspective.


Apple Face

I love how easy it is to customize the watch face. While I would admit that I have not fully explored this function. I have been able to change the look and feel of my watch just by switching between certain in-built options during my initial exploration.




I also later found out that I could further customize certain ‘parts’ of each chosen face eg. colour of the watch hand or whether I need the day to be indicated. A far cry from my first generation Pebble Watch which was definitely not as interactive and intuitive.  I mean yes, this is an Apple watch after all and therefore as intuitive to use as an iPhone.



Health Tracker/ Pedometer

I love the Heart rate monitor (don’t ask me why I need it) well I just do! And also love the calorie counter/ pedometer and exercise tracker. I like that there are simple functions that are working in the background and reminding me when to stand up (if I have been sitting for too long) or how many steps I have taken. No need for a separate Up by Jawbone. Potentially I think the exercise tracker might come in very handy when I start using it for cycling trips but we shall have to wait and see if that feature will be easy, accurate and seamless to use.





Well yes I guess at the end of the day, this is supposed to be a watch after all. So yes I am super glad that I can tell the time and date with this but whats even more awesome is that I can tell the time of another city (all within the same view). Super useful during travels and when there is a time difference. I will no longer have to repeatedly check my handphone for the time difference because it is all on my wrist! Oh yes and not forgetting the weather too! Below is just one view of the weather page, tap and you will find the % possibility of rain and the temperature.




Yes, the calendar is going to be ultra ultra useful! Since my office calendar is synced to my iPhone and now synced to my calendar. I will get ‘buzzed’ 15 minutes before every scheduled appointment or class. I honestly think this is going to prove to be super handy for days when I am overwhelmed with classes and meetings.


Phone Calls

The Apple Watch has Siri installed and allows you to read your SMSes and reply to them either by standard default messages or by dictating your message. I have yet to try out if this Siri is any better from the one on my iPhone or if there are less errors in understanding my dictated message. The one thing I have tried though is receiving a call through the Apple Watch. Personally I probably wouldn’t be using it in public because its just weird to have someone on ‘speaker’ and allowing the whole world to listen in on your conversation. However I would say it probably would come in handy when you need to pick up a call as you are driving. The volume and sensitivity seems pretty good so I’m sure it can pick up my voice even if my hands are on the steering wheel. Good if you don’t have an in-built mic and Bluetooth in your car or for days when you didn’t bother to hook it up.

Oh yes and no more missing calls while my handphone is in my handbag because now I would know that someone is calling me even if I don’t pick up the calls from my watch.



While the Apple Watch does not have an in-built camera (I heard that that’s in the works for the next generation?) but it is able to control your handphone camera. Think handphone on selfie stick and not needing a separate Bluetooth clicker device. I guess this has some potential especially for ‘professional’ selfie stick users but this family still needs some figuring out in that area. So some potential there but not sure if it would be that useful for us.


So my verdict or impression of the Apple Watch after using it for less than 24 hours? I would say pretty decent and it has far exceeded my expectations. Honestly I didn’t expect much from the watch, perhaps because I had owned a Pebble Watch earlier and was abit ‘disappointed’. But of course Apple is not Pebble and for a 1st generation Apple Watch, I say it ticks most of the boxes of what I would hope it could do. I’m still contemplating if I would like to ability to tap on it and perhaps the answer will be more apparent to me in a few weeks/ months time but for now I’m happy with my Apple Watch!

Ok going to play with my watch now..:)

JahBella’s Mummy

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