Top 5 children’s books in our little library

I chanced upon some books the other day and it brought back A LOT of memories for me. Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, ok and I will admit I read those as well as the Sweet Valley series, Bookworm Club…and ermm.. Archie comics..

OK but that’s not the point here…the point is I love reading!! And I’m pretty sure it all started because 1) my mum encouraged it and 2) my school reinforced it.  I remember going to the bookstore and not being able to decide which Enid Blyton title to get and being allowed to get the 3 titles I wanted. I remember reading my Nancy Drew book in the school hall because there was a designated reading time for the entire school and totally loving that period. Tust me there were very few of us who were tempted to chit chat, I think the only type of conversations/ whispering that took place during that period was to ensure that your friend lends you her book after she finishes.

So I’m glad that as a family we agree on the importance of there being no budget when it comes to books. Continue reading

3 ‘Must-Have’ Items when flying with kids

Alright so they might not exactly be ‘Must-Haves’ but they have definitely made our family travels a lot easier even if for a short while…

Lets start with the first item, the one item that all of us are very familiar with…yes the iPad. I know there are tons of views and articles of when we should expose our kids to iPads and their equivalents or if we should ever do it. Well that’s a debate for another time or maybe never

For us the iPad works and is especially useful on flights and holidays. I have to say that we are fortunate that Jah is not addicted to his iPad. Well yes there are days where he would insist on watching his ‘eggs Youtube video” on the iPad or watch one more video or play one more game before he showers. But there are also times where he has gone without his iPad for an entire 2 months (we almost forgot where the charger was). So yes we are ok with it and we just make sure to put lots of age appropriate content and educational apps in it.

The iPad comes in very handy when you are travelling on an airline that doesn’t have in-flight entertainment or the movies do not interest your kid. Continue reading

Meet The Family

photo 2photo 1 (1)

Heres a sneak peek into the dynamics of our family..and yes we are still trying to figure out what triats each kid has inherited from either of us. ;p

– Papa to Jah and Bella
– Bella’s favourite parent
– The Perfectonist
– The Parent who Cooks
–  The Neat Freak

– Mummy to Jah and Bella
– Jah’s comfort parent
– The Bad Cop
– The Control Freak
– The Holiday Planner

– The Older Brother aka Korkor (2011 baby)
– The Kinder Surprise, Unboxing Choc/ Plastic eggs fanatic
– Master “I have tons of energy”
– Master Joker
– The Bossy One
– Master “My toy cars have to be in a neat row or else!”

– The Little Sister aka Meimei (2013 baby)
– The Greedy One (she eats nonstop!)
– The Dramatic One
– Miss “I want to do whatever my korkor is doing”
– Her two favourite words – “papa!” and “mummum” – food not mummy!