Grocery Shopping Online – A Busy Mum’s Solution

As a newly-wed couple, grocery shopping on weekends used to be quite therapeutic and it was our way of ‘playing house’. However grocery shopping as a parent/ mum is a whole different ball game. It sort of reminds me of those supermarket game shows where you get 5 minutes to run in and grab everything you want!  Except the contestants do not have a 3 year old child trying to buy everything from the chocolate/ snacks section or a 1 year old toddler who attempts to grab everything off the shelves. In fact I often find myself carefully ensuring that my trolley maintains that fine balance in the middle of the aisle where the left and right shelves are just out of reach from those little nimble fingers. Don’t even get me started on the task that lies ahead after payment is done! As if regular groceries are not heavy enough, you now also have diapers and tins of milk powder to juggle with.

Therefore very early on in my career as a first time mummy, I decided to let someone else do the heavy lifting when it comes to groceries. I decided to purchase all my diapers and milk powder online! I have been using the same provider since Jah was a baby. The upside is that I don’t have to do the carrying, the delivery is free when you hit a certain amount (we know how easy that is with diapers and milk powder), the items are slightly cheaper compared to the supermarket and you save a lot of time when you don’t even have to leave the house.  However I started realizing that the product range from my usual provider were dwindling and the items I needed were always sold out. Delivery also takes 3 working days and sometimes I need an emergency replenish.

Fortunately on one of those ‘emergency replenish’ days when my necessities happened to be sold out, I found Redmart. I believe quite a number of friends have already tried Redmart out but I never found a need to look for a different supplier until now.

The Redmart has way more items that my previous supplier who was focused mainly on baby products. In fact if you are a parent/ mum who has to do all your grocery shopping yourself, Redmart would probably hold even more value for you. Our helper does our grocery (fresh food) shopping twice a week so Redmart helps me to replenish some of the bigger items like detergent, toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, diapers and milk powder. I also found some interesting items like Betty Crocker Red Velvet cake mix and a good and well priced range of wines.

Redmart still offers me the same benefits that my previous supplier did albeit at a slightly higher price. I did a quick comparison of my cart (with the same items) at both sites and my total bill was approximately $2-$5 more expensive at Redmart.  However I justified the additional cost with the fact that I now have a wider range of products available to me and the delivery slots are way more flexible at Redmart. With my previous supplier, I would only received my items 3 working days after payment has been received and the time slot is between 7pm to 9pm (which still worked for us). However Redmart is able to provide as early as next day delivery and delivery slots are available in specific 2 hour blocks which you can select from. Talk about flexibility and certainity!

I will definitely be placing more orders from Redmart soon! If you are keen to try them out, you can avail yourself a S$10 discount on your first order when you use this invite link from me –

Happy Shopping!

JahBella’s Mummy

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