US California Trip (May 2017) – San Francisco Day 4 (Mama’s on Washington Square and California Academy of Sciences)

I had many breakfast places listed for our time in San Francisco, IHOP was after all only a skip and a hop away (pun intended) and Boudin’s Bakery was also not too far off. However when a friend gave us a very timely recommendation on Facebook, the night before our last full day in SFO, we decided to give it a try. 

Mama’s on Washington Square opens at 8am but we read that many people come up to an hour before opening time to queue for the first seating. An hour was too ambitious for us so we decided to take a chance and arrived at 730am. The queue was already long and we were 2 tables short of the first seating. While the wait was long, it was rather pleasant because they had a very good system going. We were ushered into the restaurant at 825am but soon learnt that that was not the end of our wait. We queued along the counter and were tempted by all the baked goods. We finally got to the cashier where we could place our order at 840am and then we were seated shortly after at 850am. The reason why we had to queue to place our order is because they try to only take your order as a table is being cleared for you. It took another 20 mins for our food to arrive but I will tell you that it was soooo worth it! Mama’s French Toast, Banana Pancakes and Dunguness Crab Benedict! It was so good that we wanted to come back again tomorrow before we head out of the city but it was a pity that they are closed on Mondays. Next time for sure!

We headed to California Academy of Sciences after breakfast. Thankfully they opened at 11am that day, we were running really late for their usual 10am opening time because of breakfast. Haha and you know how I can’t stand to deviate from schedule :p We joined the longest queue we saw which was for the ticket booth but my very observant husband noticed that the self service machine had no queue and told me to try it! Voila! So yes, please use the self service machine to buy your tickets 🙂

We were initially contemplating whether to drop this attraction and try something else. We weren’t sure how interactive it would be and whether it would capture the kids’ attention. I will tell you now that this is an absolute must do! I am so impressed by how they curated their content in a way that appealed to all age groups. There is literally something for everyone and each subject matter is presented in a way where you can simplify it for the young ones like Jah and Bella, yet still impress and wow the old cynics/ parents who think we have seen it all 😉
My advice to you would be to head straight in, to look for the planetarium show ticket queue as the tickets for shows run out very quickly and they have different shows for different times. There is also a show for smaller kids in a smaller auditorium in case you think your kids can’t cope with a long show. 
We learnt about earthquakes and entered an earthquake simulator. Climbed up the Rainforest exhibit which is kind of like our Cloud dome at Gardens By the Bay but ends up with you being at the top of the Rainforest surrounded by free flying butterflies. We went through this exhibit 3 times!!

The kids also discovered dinosaurs, tickled starfish and stared at scary alligators. We were there till almost 4pm and yet we could not finish everything! Oh how we wished we lived in SFO. The kids asked to come back again but we had to break the news to them. Sorry kids, this is our last day in SFO on this trip but I promise you guys that tomorrow will be even more fun! 😀

JahBella’s Mummy

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US California Trip (May 2017) – San Francisco Day 3 (Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market and Children’s Creativity Musuem)

Our main attraction for the day was the Children’s Creativity Musuem. After spending the day running outdoors yesterday, it was now time to take it back indoors. But of course we needed some place to settle breakfast first and given that the Musuem only opens at 10am, we had plenty of time for a leisurely breakfast. I decided that it would be fun for the kids to experience a farmer’s market in the US. They did visit one in Margaret River, Perth last year but the rainy weather kind of put a dampener on the overall experience. So yes, Take 2 it is.

We got to the Ferry Plaza (where the Hog Island Oyster Bar which we visited last night is also located) at about 830am. It was a short 3 minute Uber ride from our hotel. The initial plan was to take the bus/ tram but honestly Uber is so so easy there that we decided to not go through the hassle. I was also hungry. 

There were fresh produce and hot food for sale at the Farmer’s market and the kids were super excited that they were pointing out all the things that they wanted to buy. There were many wooden benches along the pier and we quickly settled down. Bella and I hung out and made sure we secured our seats while Joel and Jah went around and bought our food for us. 

They came back with the most awesome grilled cheese sandwich we ever had and it was also one of our best meals on this trip!! The sandwich was a Honey Lavender, Bacon, Farm Egg and cheese sandwich from The Farmer’s Wife Sonama. Yes just reading the name of the sandwich is Omg!! In fact we ended up ordering another portion of it on top of all the other muffins and cakes we bought.

With full bellies, these happy people headed to the Children’s Creativity Musuem (in an Uber). The Musuem as its name suggest is all about exploration, creation and creativity. It is not your typical ‘musuem’ but really a place for the kids to play with materials and create artwork, learn concepts through play and express their creativity through stop motion animation and music.

The kids spent a good amount of time just sitting at the art table – cutting, pasting and drawing. I realised then that we were not going to leave this place for at least another 4 hours.

After a while, we managed to convince them to move on and explore other areas. They found themselves at a table containing kinetic sand. Yeah kinetic sand, no big deal right? But then I realise the Musuem had combined the use of kinetic sand and augmented realiy to teach geography and the concept of mountains, land, valleys and ocean. Even the adults were secretly having fun!! Oh yes and we were stuck there for quite abit too. 

The main reason we came to the Children’s Creativity Musuem was because we heard that they had a section/ studio where they taught kids how to do stop motion animation. For those who are not very familiar, just Google Lego Star Wars on YouTube and you will see many stop motion animation videos. Jah is crazy about these videos and wanted to know how it was done. I was initially concerned that it would be too complicated for him to understand but the concept was really simple! We spent about 30 mins creating our own clay models from scratch and then we chose a backdrop and were taught how to create different scenes. It was really a case of moving your characters really slowly for each ‘frame’ and then pressing the record button each time. Oh trust me, this takes a lot of patience!! We completed a simple 13 seconds! video but it took a lot of effort to stop the kids from rushing through it. The good thing was that the Musuem would email you a link to the completed video 🙂 Check out the video on our Facebook page and Instagram but please excuse the shaky hands as it is a handphone video of the video clip. 

It was almost 1pm by the time we were done with the stop motion studio and we still hadn’t explore the 2nd level. We headed up and Bella wanted to star in her own music video haha she barely sang but totally enjoy being a music video star. The 3 mins music video was also sent to us via an email link. Check out a snippet of it on our Social media channels too 😉

It was hard to get the kids to leave but we had not eaten our lunch yet (thank goodness for the full breakfast that sustained us for so long) While there are malls within walking distance of the Musuem, there isn’t really a proper cafe there for good hot food. So I would suggest doing some research of where u might wanna eat around there. Jah and Bella wanted to do some shopping (toys) so we crossed the road to a nearby Target and they got their shopping fix there. By then, we were honestly too tired to eat and figured the kids would be too cranky to survive through any proper meal so it was Starbucks to the rescue and we headed back to our hotel at 3pm for a much needed nap.
I have to admit that it was a pretty fun day and life changing too (the grilled cheese sandwich that is) :p

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US California Trip (May 2017) – San Francisco Day 2 (Lori’s Diner, Cable Car Tram and Koret Children’s Playground, Hog’s Island Oyster Bar)

After spending almost a day being cooped up on a flight, we decided that the kids needed an outlet to release those pent up energy. So we decided to spend the first full day of our time at San Francisco at a park. 

We headed to Lori’s Diner at Ghirardelli Square for breakfast. The Diner was about a 10 mins walk from our hotel but the kids were more than happy to oblige us especially Jah who was looking forward to visiting an American Diner which he learnt about in school recently. So yes off we went for pancakes, French toast, scrambled eggs and of course milk shakes!

After breakfast, we walked across the street to the start of one of the cable car tram lines to begin our journey. There were of course other cheaper public transport options to take us to The Golden Gate Park where the Koret Children’s Quarters are but we figured that the kids would love the experience on the cable car tram. They were both scared and excited to be sitting on the exposed side of the cable car tram and were thoroughly thrilled by the view that they got of the streets. 

We rode the cable car tram to the end of the line at Mason & Powell which always meant we got our money’s worth 😉 From there, we got onto the local Muni & Judah train and it took about 15 mins to take us to the USCF/ Paranssus station. Once we got off, we followed our phone GPS and walked another 5 mins till we got to the Golden Gate Park. The Koret Children’s Quarters was very close to the entrance. 

The kids were so happy to be out in the open space. Running, climbing and swinging! The park was quite crowded for a Friday late morning and we noticed many daycares or school kids there with their teachers. Come early if you want a picnic spot because they tend to grab all the shaded areas but if you are happy to be just running around the playground then it’s fine and there were more than enough stone benches.

There was also an ice cream stand and an old school carousel ride nearby. Of course we rewarded ourselves with an ice cream and a couple of rides after a crazy time at the playground.

By the end of it, the kids and us were famished and we decided to take a walk back towards the entrance we came in through. You would be able to find tons of restaurants a few streets down outside the park (9th Ave being one of the streets) and of course the phone GPS came in handy again and we found ourselves some lunch rather easily. 

We didn’t think the kids or the adults could cope with another multi transfer public transport ride to get back so we got ourselves an Uber and it took us back. The 20 mins ride cost us about US14 and we were all ready for our afternoon nap. Yes for those who don’t know we all still do afternoon naps even when we are on holidays. :p

We got up at 6pm from our nap and the urge to skip dinner or have room service was almost too hard to ignore. But I persevered and dragged everyone out of bed. I even insisted that we head to the Ferry Building where the Hog Island’s Oyster Bar was located at. I don’t know what possessed me to choose that restaurant for dinner, on a Friday night of ALL nights. The kids were pretty cranky the entire way and when we saw the snaking queue we were ready to give up. It was already 730pm and it didn’t look like we would get a seat for at least another 45 mins. But for a lack of better option in the vicinity, I was unwilling to give up. So Joel very bravely brought both kids to Starbucks while I stood in line. Thankfully the queue moved pretty quickly for a table of 4 as most people were there in big groups. We were also willing to take a table at the bar which fortunately gave us a good sunset view and a view of the food being prepped 🙂 

We ordered ourselves a raw oyster platter, some raw halibut, the best clam chowder we have ever had and will have on this trip and a grilled cheese sandwich. Actually we ordered ourselves 2 oyster platters because the kids absolutely loved the raw oysters and we found Jah polishing off half a dozen of them on his own!!! Blue cheese and raw oyster lovers, what kids are these? 

By the end of the night, everyone was in high spirits from the wonderful food and that’s when Joel and I realised how much these kids are like us! 🙂

Stay tuned for Day 3 at the Kids Creativity Musuem! 

JahBella’s Mummy

Phuket Holiday (March 2016) – Food and Activities with Kids

So what do you do when on a beach holiday in Phuket, Thailand? Laze in the sun and eat all the Thai food you can of course! If anyone tells you that eating Thai food with kids in tow is not possible and that you have to settle for Western food or Fast Food, don’t believe them! We had Thai food every single meal and the kids ate fine.

The Orchid – Opposite Katathani

If you decide to stay at Katathani like us, don’t miss the awesomely authentic Thai food found just across the street from our hotel at a restaurant called The Orchid. In fact we only discovered it on the 2nd day after trying some other cut-throat restaurant on the same street, which was catered more to the Western palate and currency conversion. Their Tom Yum Goong, Beef Fried Rice, Curry Powder Prawn/ Crab, Fried Banana with Ice-cream and sundaes became our staples for every lunch until the day we left.  We wished we had found the place earlier and the kids were happy to have their local beef fried rice plus a sundae of their choice at every meal. :p Come on! It was a holiday after all! 🙂 Everything was really value for money!



Perfect with lots of little green chilli padi!


Curry Powder crab!


1 sundae a day, keeps the tantrums away..:p


Goreng Pisang with Ice cream and honey…looks are deserving because this was awesome!



Tuk Tuk Rides

Because we spent the day just lazing about in the pool and enjoying the waves in the sea, we could only afford to explore Phuket in the evenings. We would take a cab from the hotel to the places we wanted to visit in order to get an estimate of how much each trip should cost and use that gauge when ‘bargaining’ for a Tuk Tuk on the return. The fortunate thing was the fact that we met very reasonable taxi and tuk tuk drivers on this trip and no one tried to fleece us. We found that we were always quoted the same/ correct rate for the return Tuk Tuk ride and it made the entire experience a lot more pleasant. The kids were also really thrilled to take their first Tuk Tuk ride of the trip and they were very intrigued by the fact that some Tuk Tuks were more fancy than others (loud hiphop music + colour changing lights). Unlike the smaller Tuk Tuks in Bangkok, the ones in Phuket can sit 6 adults comfortably so we only had to hire one since we had 4 adults and 2 kids. Definitely a must do with the kids if you head to Phuket!



Bella with her Aunty Tabitha..look at that smile 😀

Kata Night Market

Our aim on this trip was to allow the kids to experience some of the night markets/ food markets without being caught in a human jam. We ended up at 2 different markets on 2 different nights.

We made our way to the Kata Night Market on our first night and have to say we or I was slightly disappointed. Things were rather quiet and we later realized it was probably due to the high supply of night markets all over Phuket. Nevertheless, the kids were very happy that they got to pick their own fruits choices to ‘create’ their own fruit juice. Jah picked a grape + lime combination which somehow turned out better than what the adults chose. We got our fruit juices and took a customary stroll through the market, picked up 2 t-shirts for the kids and then tried to find a place for dinner.




Brain freeze anyone?

Thank goodness for our mobile wifi and toddler carriers which came in super handy. It allowed us to navigate our way through the streets of Kata with the kids safely on our backs and head to dinner. We even found a Pancake stall near the restaurant we had dinner at, yummy!!!!


Our Tulas to the rescue




Malin Plaza Patong

The 2nd night we headed to Malin Plaza Patong which was more of a food market. There were shop spaces for souvenirs and clothes etc but very few of them were open. We decided to make a zipline for the food and also to look for a table to settle down at. Yes the nice thing about this market is the fact that there are tables and chair set up for you to consume the local street food bought from the stalls. We picked up some local fried food, Pad Thai for the adults, non spicy noodles for the kids and desserts all round. It was a nice experience even though the food may not have been the yummiest we have had or the most value for money.


Nice spacious seating under the stars at Malin Patong Plaza



Waiting for his dessert at Malin Patong Plaza


This might not be the most adventurous Phuket itinerary for families but it was certainly something a little different for us. Perhaps the next time we head to Phuket, the kids will be old enough for an island hopping tour..although I’m hoping it doesn’t happen too soon. We definitely still appreciate our afternoon naps and are perfectly happy to just laze on the beach and load up on Thai food 🙂

JahBella’s Mummy



16 tips to survive and enjoy Tokyo Disney with young kids (especially in summer)

As some of you might know, we recently went on an 11 day family holiday to Tokyo, our longest flight yet with 2 kids and the first time we have gone on a holiday without any help. So how did we survive 4 hot summer days in Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disneysea with 2 young kids? Here are some things which we learnt during our 4-day Disney adventure and we hope these tips will come in handy to those of you who are heading there soon or are thinking of doing so. 🙂
  • Bring your own strollers. While you can rent the strollers from the park at 700yen a day, we chose to bring our own strollers. Strollers will come in handy when your kids are exhausted and so are you! You can also use them to hang your belongings while you go for your rides. There are designated stroller parking next to every ride and staff on hand to keep a watch and re-arrange the strollers neatly. Take note though that most shows and parades are ‘sitting shows’ which will require you to collapse your strollers during the parades and shows so bring something lightweight and easy to collapse.
When they can walk no more and you can carry no more...

When they can walk no more and you can carry no more…

  • Pack light and pack waterproof. Don’t bring huge bags that will slow you down or be ultra cumbersome. We bought a waterproof Deuter ‘pouch’/’bag’ before our trip and it was very handy to hold our tickets (which we further protected with a Ziploc bag), our overseas Wifi router, 2 pieces of diapers and Jah’s Travel John Junior pee bag. It was easy to hang it on 1 of the stroller when on the move and just as easy to hold onto it when we parked our strollers and went for rides.


  • Use lots of sunscreen lotion or try the sunscreen sprays. Remember to slap on your sunscreen lotion or bring along some sunscreen sprays which can be found at most supermarkets or drug stores in Tokyo. We were under the hot sun a lot but the Laneige sunscreen lotion which we brought from Singapore (which by the way smells awesome) plus the sunscreen spray which we bought in Tokyo were our saving grace. For people who burn really easily, we were perfectly fine just from using these 2 products.
The 2 products that saved us from massive sunburn

The 2 products that saved us from massive sunburn

  • Don’t avoid Disney even if it rains. Well unless it’s a torrential thunderstorm, I would say raincoats and windbreakers will easily do the trick. So arm yourself with some raincoats especially for the little ones and don’t let the weather put a damper on your Disney Spirit.
It rained on and off and it was good to not have to worry that their little heads would get wet...

It rained on and off and it was good to not have to worry that their little heads would get wet…

  • Check the crowd calendar. There are crowd calendars online which gauge the crowd levels on any given day for both Tokyo Disney Sea and Tokyo Disneyland. The crowd levels get more accurate as the day approaches. We used Crowd Calendar and we were there when crowd levels were supposedly between 60 to 65 and had very manageable queuing times especially for the kiddy rides in the evenings. Waiting times were 20 minutes to none at all for some rides.


  • Take it easy and don’t queue for an hour before opening time. If you are going on a relatively low crowd level day meaning 50 – 70 then I would suggest taking it easy. Don’t queue up to an hour before opening time like people say they do. Get there at opening time or within 30 mins from opening time and you will still be able to make it in fine and get your Fast passes. Standing in queue for 1 hour before the park opens is not going to help much except for having half tired and cranky kids by the time the gates open and it is also a sure-fire way to ensure snappy parents J:) However if you are going on a weekend or a red alert day (See crowd calendar) then I guess you will have to strategise how you would like to queue, wait and rush.
  • Check the ‘real time’ waiting time update from your handphone. This requires an internet connection so you will need to either have data roaming or an overseas wifi router. This website came in very handy when we wanted to decide if it was worth the effort travelling across the park for a Fastpass or for a ride. Real time Waiting Time
  • Aim for 1 Fastpass each morning and go collect it as soon as you can. Our crowd level was in the 60s range and we ‘strolled’ in within the 30 mins of the park opening and always managed to secure a Fast pass for the 10am to 1130am range. After completing that ride or just before we head back for our nap, we would go collect another Fastpass (Usually for the same ride) and usually end up with a 6pm to 8pm time range. If you are going on a day where the crowd level is higher than perhaps your Fastpass timings might be later or might run out early. We had Fastpasses for rides like Monsters Inc, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea and Astro Blasters in fact we took Monsters Hide and Seek (4-5 times!!!) Some rides are more popular than others and you can use the “Real time waiting time website to give you a gauge on the Fastpass timings instead of rushing across the park to realise that the Fastpasses have been snapped up.
Just some of the Fastpasses we managed to get our hands truly makes the experience that much more pleasant especially for the kids

Just some of the Fastpasses we managed to get our hands on…it truly makes the experience that much more pleasant especially for the kids

  • Don’t be put off by the Table Service Restaurants in Disney. They can be a total life saver and they serve pretty yummy food! We were worried that the kids would not be able to endure a proper sit down meal especially with the prospects of rides and fun looming nearby or because they were cranky from the fatigue. I was proven wrong. We tried 3 different table service restaurants – Blue Bayou which is a restaurant situated alongside the Pirates of the Carribean boat ride. We spotted the nice, cool, dim restaurant as we started our boat ride and Jah was hooked and needed to go have a ‘pirate’ meal. We had such a enjoyable time there that we were looking forward to our next Table Service meal. We also tried Hokusai – a Japanese restaurant and Eastside Dining – an Italian restaurant (both located near the entrance of Disneyland.

The kids set at the Blue Bayou was pre cut into nice bite sized pieces!!! I didn't have to waste time cutting them up for the kids!

The kids set at the Blue Bayou was pre cut into nice bite sized pieces!!! I didn’t have to waste time cutting them up for the kids!

Fast service at Eastside Dining and we didn't have to queue for a seat...

Fast service at Eastside Dining and we didn’t have to queue for a seat…

Always a queue at Hokusai! There was a 30 mins even at 6pm

Always a queue at Hokusai! There was a 30 mins even at 6pm

  • Eat in Disney – counter style, table service, pop up carts, character dining…try it all! I know some people may choose to leave Disney for meals or to bring in their own snacks. Trust me the food at Tokyo Disney is really not expensive compared to what you pay in the nearby malls and it really completes the experience. Furthermore no rushing back and forth. My one tip would be to eat early or find a place with not a long waiting will be able to find something for sure. The queues and the service at the F&B outlets move pretty fast and seats get freed up pretty quickly because everybody is rushing off to their next ride.

Breakfast for champions!

Breakfast for champions!

Super yummy pizza! Shaved Ice! And a frozen Kirin beer for Papa Joel...yes frozen!

Super yummy pizza! Shaved Ice! And a frozen Kirin beer for Papa Joel…yes frozen!

Ice cream! Flavoured ice cubes! Waffles! Popcorns!!

Ice cream! Flavoured ice cubes! Waffles! Popcorns!!

  • Go for Crystal Palace Dining Character Buffet. If there is one dining experience that you or your kids must have in Tokyo Disneyland, it would be the character dining. I screwed up big time because I had made a booking for a Dinner Showtime Character Dining experience but ended up mixing up the dates. As guilty as I was, I wasn’t about to queue for an hour just so that the kids could meet 1 character and take a photo so thank goodness, we found the next best thing. More on this experience in the coming entries.
Well at least 1 kid was happy..Bella was just petrified

Well at least 1 kid was happy..Bella was just petrified

  • Shop at Disney before you shop at the toy stores in the city especially if your kid is a Takara Tomy fan. We made the mistake of shopping in the city before our Disney days and found lots of special Disney edition Takara Tomy cars and playsets which I have never seen in any Singapore or Tokyo toy store. Needless to say, we ended buying them as well on top of what we had already bought in the city.
Literally a toy wonderland

Literally a toy wonderland

  • Some Disney products are actually very practical to-haves and are not just ‘merchandise’. Yes I used to scoff at the countless ‘merchandise’ that these theme parks try to sell us or our children at every turn. But I have to say that some of these ‘merchandise’ really do serve a purpose especially in the summer heat. We loved the nice caps/ hats/ bandanas for the kids, the little fan mist sprayer as well as the big manual fans.


  • If your kids are my age than Disneyland is more suited for them over Disney Sea. While we (the adults) loved the ambience and backdrop of Disneysea, we found the layout extremely frustrating. There were pretty much no short cuts to get from ‘land to land’ and there were only 2 routes (to the left or to the right of the harbour). This meant that the ‘travelling time’ within Disneysea was a lot longer and more tiring when tiring to bring kids around. The rides were also less child-friendly or less interesting to the kids. We concluded that Disneyland was more of a ‘ride place’ while Disneysea was more of a ‘show place’. Jah pretty much gave us the same feedback about his preference for Disneyland over Disneysea and we found ourselves in Disneyland for 3 out of the 4 days.
  • Catch the Fantasmic show over the Dreamlights Parade While we preferred Disneyland over Disneysea, we would choose the Fantasmic show at Disneysea over all the other parades and show any day. If you only have time to catch 1 show during your Disney visit then it has to be the Fantasmic show. Totally worth it! We waited 1 hour for the show to start and it didn’t disappoint. It was so good that I didn’t take any photos until the end of the show and we had a fantastic view of fireworks right over our heads. Tip: The view to the left of the harbour is pretty awesome so wait along the sides where there are little canoes parked in the water rather than clamour for a spot that is front and centre of the harbour.
  • You don’t always need a front view. While it would be awesome to be able to get front row front views of the parades and special shows all the time. After all the back drop of Cinderella’s castle always makes for a good photo. We realised on our trip that side views can be hidden gems as well. For one, you don’t have to queue early or wait hours on end (yes I mean hours, I have witness people sitting in the hot sun for 2-3 hours just to get those spots). So here are some hidden gems that we found.
  • For stage shows that happen in front of the castle, we found that the ‘bridge’ on the left of the castle can be a nice shady spot to enjoy the entertainment. Though it would give you a back view of the characters, you can still hear the music and feel the vibe.
  • Toon town is a good spot to wait for the Dreamlights parade. While you would be catching the tailend of the parade because it is the last stop that they hit before retiring behind closed ‘gates’, it brings you pretty close to the floats and I found that it is less crowded than the main street.
  • If you can help it, don’t wait on the main street for the evening Disneyland Parade (Happiness on High) instead I would suggest you proceed towards Tomorrowland. There are less crowds waiting there and you are likely to find an open spot in the first row.
  • We never caught the 830pm night castle show in front of Cinderella’s castle but we did catch a glimpse of the fireworks from behind the castle by chance. So if you are after a view of the fireworks but don’t think your kids can last through the show then hang out behind the castle, near the Carousel or Small Small World.

Side view of the performance happening in front of the castle

Side view of the performance happening in front of the castle

Dreamlights parade from Toon Town (I did not zoom) and Fantasmic Show at Disneysea

Dreamlights parade from Toon Town (I did not zoom) and Fantasmic Show at Disneysea

Front row spot in Tomorrowland for the Disney Happiness on High Parade...bring any mat or plastic to mark out your spot :)

Front row spot in Tomorrowland for the Disney Happiness on High Parade…bring any mat or plastic to mark out your spot 🙂

And for those who are wondering how many days you would need to cover both Disney park with young kids. A 2 day pass is probably enough if you don’t need to factor naps back in the hotel and you intend to cover 1 park a day. If you want to move at a more leisurely pace then a 3 day pass will allow you to do so and still head back for afternoon naps (if you stay at one of the Disney Hotels or the nearby Disney Official hotels).  A 4 day pass is very relaxed and you get to do rides over and over again and catch most shows :). You will also get to choose which park you want to go to on the 3rd and 4th day and in fact can go both on the same day. Don’t worry you will always find something to do and if all else fails, just do some Disney shopping. Actually I highly recommend you do so…you will get sucked into all the Disney shopping so just embrace it. 😉

I hope these tips were helpful and that you enjoy Tokyo Disney as much as we did!

Happy Traveling!

JahBella’s Mummy