June School Holidays 2015 – Event Listings

The June School Holidays are right round the corner and although Jah and Bella are not old enough to ‘enjoy’ a month long of school holidays (haha they wish!!!) but they will definitely get to enjoy the array of activities that is available out there because of the school holidays.

So if you are wondering what to do or where to bring your kids over the next couple of weeks..here are some of the activity line-ups.

29 May – 28 Jun 2015 – Barney’s Jukebox Party @ City Square Mall

Get set for a rollercoaster of fun and excitement with plenty of activities related to the affable Barney, BJ and Baby Bop. For the third year running, the lovable purple dinosaur will take the stage at City Square Mall with a first ever retro-themed performance – Barney’s Jukebox Party.
The fun continues at City Green park as it transforms into a venue for fun and laughter with the “Good Ole Fun In The Park” retro carnival. Families can look forward to old school carnival games and rides such as the Pirate Ship, Carousel, Bumper Car, Tea Cup and more.
CSM06-04-15 GSS 2015 Barney Pre-Pub EDM A5 R9.indd

29 May – 28 Jun 2015 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dojo Experience @ Downtown East Events Square

An interactive event that is set in the Dojo training grounds of the Turtles, families and kids can explore the training grounds and participate in a series of secret ninja activities for an added dose of healthy fun. Taking place on weekdays (including Vesak Day) 1pm to 8pm as well as weekends from 11am to 8pm. Entry passes for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dojo Experience will be given to patrons with a spend of $20*
This event will feature the following activities:

Games and activity stations for kids from age six where they have the opportunity to test their courage, teamwork, accuracy and agility through a variety of Turtles-themed games (Ninja Zipline, Tag Team Ninjas, Villains Takedown and Epic String Maze.

Meet-and-Greet Sessions on the weekends with the different Turtles

NTC-473-01-15-DTE June Campaign-TMNT-A1-A3-R2

6 & 7 June 2015 – Nickelodeon Slime Cup 2015 @ Downtown East

The fun family weekend Nickelodeon Slime Cup 2015 event will take place from 11am to 7pm and admission is free. The event will feature:

•   Opening / Closing Ceremony: Nickelodeon Slime Cup 2015 will kick off with an Opening Ceremony featuring all your favourite Nickelodeon characters, followed by a fun dance and sing along session for everyone to participate. The Closing Ceremony will include a prize presentation of the final Soccer Showdown challenge with the ultimate sliming of the winner!

·         Meet-and-Greet Sessions: Have your camera ready to get up close and personal with your favourite Nickelodeon friends at Meet-and-Greet sessions during the event!

·         Mini SEA games in Nickster style: Get excited for the upcoming SEA Games with fun activities and challenges inspired by various sports at the event

·         Slime Throne: Capture the surprised expressions of your kids as they get to experience slime all over their body and look out for our instant photo giveaways!

·         Main Challenge – Soccer Showdown: In each 2 to 2.5-hour session your kids get to participate in different soccer challenges. The challenge is open to all individuals and no pre-registration is required. There will be 3 sessions daily with 3 winners per session.


The Chuggington Winter Snow Party – City Square Mall (Meet & Greet Dec 2014)

JahBella’s first encounter with a mall’s Live Show/ Meet & Greet was almost a year ago. My then wide-eyed babies were thrilled at meeting a ‘live’ cartoon character that they recognized from TV however the experience itself was somewhat underwhelming, with the live show being only 10 minutes long. Safe to say, I have been very hesistant since then to bring them for any Live Shows/ Meet & Greet.

After almost a year since their first rather disappointing encounter, we finally mustered enough courage to brave the crowds and take a ‘leap of faith’ :p We were invited to attend City Square Mall’s The Chuggington Winter Snow Party and I have to say it was awesome fun! There was song and dance, playful banter, a light-up and even a snowy finale! Both Jah and Bella were in their own little world and while Jah is still pretty shy when it comes to following the dance moves, he was really transfixed on the show. What I really liked about the show was the fact that the cast came on stage to engage restless kids, 10 minutes before the actual showtime. Consider it a pre-quel but it was very helpful for kids who have been waiting for almost 45 minutes to an hour. A useful tip which I just ‘discovered’ yesterday, is to provide your kid with your own pre-quel. We let Jah watch an episode of Chuggington on Joel’s handphone and he was able to be kept entertained. He only switched it off when Lorie appeared on stage during the pre-show warm up.


Waiting for showtime!

Its showtime!!

Its showtime!!

Live shows are not just for the big kids! :)

Live shows are not just for the big kids! 🙂

This is his focus face, not angry face ;)

This is his focus face, not angry face 😉

Meet & Greet Photo time!

Meet & Greet Photo time!

Lots of Chuggington photo ops in the mall

Lots of Chuggington photo ops in the mall

I also have to say that City Square Mall probably has one of the better Christmas experiences this year. Apart from the Live Show/ Meet & Greet that other malls may also do, City Square Mall has a host of fringe activities which is happening outside on the City Green (just outside the mall). The activities include Kiddy Carnival Rides, Christmas Light Show and Snow Playtime and the Choo-Choo City Express. We were fortunate that the rain settled down while we were watching the live show and ended just in time for JahBella to enjoy the Choo-Choo City Express and the Snow Playtime. JahBella really enjoyed their train ride and while I didn’t think much of it at first, I could see why the kids were so taken by it. The train with a real driver and not just a kiddy train ride on little tracks, would take you round the entire City Green (3 times!) and JahBella were happily taking in the sights and people-watching, even I enjoyed it! While I didn’t allow Jah to play in the ‘snow’/foam (sorry mummy is a bit of a control freak with these things) but I saw tons of kids enjoying the ‘snow’ and Jah was equally happy and contented to have me carry him and get ‘snow’ on our hair, face and eyelashes. 🙂

Baby its cold outside!

Baby its cold outside!

Lights and Snow Play time

Lights and Snow Play time

A real driver? Wow!

A real driver? Wow!

Say cheese!

Say cheese!

Taking in the lovely sights!

Taking in the lovely sights!

Event Details

The Chuggington Winter Snow Party will run from 6 December to 21 December (daily except Monday) at City Square Mall. Fans can also get up close and snap a family photo with their favourite characters by redeeming a Meet & Greet Pass with $50 spent in the mall (terms and conditions apply).

image (1)

Chugg-ful of Fun At The Park will be on from 14 November to 28 December at the City Green(Park).

  • Kiddy Carnival Rides

Time: Weekdays from 6pm to 10pm; Weekends from 12pm to 10pm

  • Christmas Light Show & Snow Playtime

Time: 8pm & 9pm (Daily)

  • Ride The Choo-Choo City Express

Time: 12pm to 10pm (Daily)

Interested to cuddle up with a Koko, Wilson or Brewster cushion? You can redeem an exclusive

Chuggington cushion with $200* ($250* if inclusive of NTUC FairPrice receipts) spent!

Insisting on hugging his Koko cushion and even for bedtime...zzzz

Insisting on hugging his Koko cushion and even for bedtime…zzzz

JahBella’s Mummy