SpongeBob SquarePants Krabby Patty Celebration ‘Live’ On Stage (City Square Mall- Christmas 2015) – Media Invite

Every year the kids will need to do at least 1 of their Annual Christmas Live Show/ Meet & Greet Sessions at a mall (yes I know they don’t just do it during Christmas ;P) But somehow the ambience is always little merrier and more special during the festive season.

This year they chose to attend the SpongeBob SquarePants Krabby Patty Celebration ‘Live’ On Stage at City Square Mall. Honestly they aren’t really fans of SpongeBob or at the very least have not been exposed to the cartoon series yet. However SpongeBob and his best friend Patrick in their larger than life costumes were so infectiously funny that the kids were drawn to them really quickly.

The thing I love about the shows at City Square Mall is that you don’t find yourself ‘queuing’ or waiting for 1-2 hours, only to find that the show is 10 minutes long or that the characters appear for 2 dance numbers and then leave abruptly.


SpongeBob’s little party was approximately 20-30 minutes long if you include the prelude/ skit we enjoyed before the main characters came on stage. Yes there was a prelude! Which was also Jah’s first time on stage in front of a live audience at a mall! I think I was more nervous than him but he was all game to go onstage and help out the nice friendly pirate :p



If you or your kids are fans of SpongeBob and his friends then you shouldn’t miss this Live Show which is ending its run this weekend. And even if you aren’t fans of the yellow spongy fella, there are enough crazy fun, catchy tunes and a storyline for a bit of weekend entertainment.IMG_6794



Need more fun? You can proceed outside to first-ever outdoor SpongeBob Playland where there are several activity stations for the kids to test their reflexes and bounce away their endless energy.


More details on the Live Show and SpongeBob Playland can be found below.

 SpongeBob SquarePants Krabby Patty Celebration ‘Live’ On Stage

Date: 5 – 20 December 2015 (Except Mondays)

Time: 2pm & 7pm (Tues – Fri); 1pm, 4pm & 7pm (Sat & Sun)

Venue: Level 1 Atrium

Tips: Redeem a Meet & Greet pass one hour prior to each show and snap a photo with SpongeBob and Patrick, limited to 50 passes per show.

First ever Outdoor SpongeBob Playland

Date: 20 November 2015 – 3 January 2016

Time: 12pm – 10pm daily (last admission at 9.30pm)

Venue: Level 1 City Green park

Tips: With a minimum spend of $30*, shoppers can redeem a SpongeBob Playland activity pass at the L2 Customer Service Counter. Activities are suitable for age 3 and above.

 Snowy Playtime

Date: 20 November 2015 – 3 January 2016

Time: 8pm & 9pm daily

Venue: Level 1 City Green

SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes Free Screenings

Date: 5 – 27 December 2015 (Saturdays and Sundays only)

Time: 8.30pm

Venue: B1 Fountain Square

JahBella’s Mummy

The Dark Knight ‘Live’ On Stage at City Square Mall

We were invited to one of our favourite malls for ‘Live’ Meet and Greet Shows over the weekend. This time it was for something quite different from your usual Barney/ Dora and the likes of it. Instead it was a ‘Live’ Meet and Greet show with DC Comic’s Dark Knight – Batman.

I bet you must be wondering what kind of a performance would Batman be able to put up, perhaps a typical fight scene routine. That’s what we thought as well but decided to go any way since Jah is really into his superheroes. I have to tell you that he was not disappointed and in fact even Bella and us, adults were enthralled by it.

Every kid loves a good comic!

Every kid loves a good comic!

Some serious stuff indeed!

Some serious stuff indeed!

And now for some fun before the show begins! :)

And now for some fun before the show begins! 🙂

We were warned that the show was going to be alittle ‘dark’, just in case the little ones got abit frightened. But JahBella (4 and 2 years old) dealth with the ‘darkness’ just fine.

The show was a combination of a simple martial arts display (which Jah loved because there were ninjas involved!), an abstract bat dance segment (which Bella was happy bobbing to) and a final skit and fight between Batman and Joker, with an “oh my goodness” Batman rappelling from the top floor act which left even the adults super impressed!!

Ninjas! Always a hot favourite with Jahbella!

Ninjas! Always a hot favourite with Jahbella!

Joker's Assistants according to Jah

Joker’s Assistants according to Jah

Every show needs a villian

Every show needs a villian

But the good guy always wins!

But the good guy always wins!

Jah was asking me prior to the show if he would get to take photos with both Batman and Joker and I can tell you that the answer is YES!!

Yes all clearly avoiding the Joker

Yes all clearly avoiding the Joker

The kids were so pumped by the experience that they wanted to continue ‘living’ it. Thankfully, there was a DC Comics Superhero Adventure Zone, right next to the stage area. JahBella tested their superhero powers in 3 different missions and it was great fun! The activities were simple enough even for Bella.

Handpainting is always fun!

Handpainting is always fun!

Look mummy! I'm Flash!

Look mummy! I’m Flash!

And I guess I'm Wonder Woman? :)

And I guess I’m Wonder Woman? 🙂

We are fast!

We are fast!

Good Aim!

Good Aim!

Caught you!

Caught you!

If there is one mall show that you have to go see this September Holidays (especially if you have superhero crazed kids) then this has got to be the one.

Oh and in case you have missed the Choo Choo Train ride in front of City Square Mall previously, the train ride is still there! A really fun ride for the kids to take round the green. 🙂

More details below

The Dark Knight ‘Live’ On Stage

Date: 5 – 13 September

Time: 7pm (Mon – Fri); 2pm & 7pm (Sat & Sun)

Venue: Level 1 Atrium

With a minimum spend of $50*, shoppers can redeem a Meet & Greet pass one hour prior to each show and snap a photo with The Dark Knight, limited to 50 passes per show.


DC Comics Justice League Adventure

Date: 5 – 13 September

Time: 12pm – 9pm daily (last admission at 8.45pm)

Venue: Level 1 Atrium

With a minimum spend of $30*, shoppers can redeem an Adventure pass at the L2 Customer Service Counter, limited to 200 passes daily


DC Super Heroes Display (Costumes and Photo Booth)

Date: 5 – 13 September

Venue: Level 1 Atrium


Batman Mask-making Session

Date: 5, 6, 12 & 13 September (Sat & Sun)

Time: 4pm

Venue: Level 1 Atrium

Redeem a pass 10 minutes before each session at the Level 1 stage area, limited to 20 kids per session, aged 4 years and above


*Terms and Conditions apply. More details can be found on http://www.citysquaremall.com.sg*

[Media Invite] Barney’s Jukebox Party ‘Live’ Meet and Greet at City Square Mall

So if like me, you have two kids who are of different genders, you will know how hard it is to find an activity that is a perfect fit for both or a cartoon character that both adore or can relate to. Actually scrape that, if you are a parent with at least 2 kids, you will probably be able to relate to that anyhow. The constant competition to either go for the exact same toy or both deciding that they want to do something totally different for the weekend. :p

Have you seen our house? It’s like a toy shop because we basically had to cater to both their preferences. Kids 1 Parents 0
Which is why I get very excited when there shows or appearances by cartoon characters which they both love. Of course even better when they are free for them to catch. Yes I admit that I’ve had to exclude Bella from watching Peppa Pig Live because it was just not economically viable to bring both kids with 2 adults and pay top $ for good seats. We had to pick who we thought would enjoy it more and the jury is still out on whether we made the right choice.
So it was fantastic when we heard that City Square Mall had Barney and Friends over for the June Holidays! City Square Mall has always been known to put up a good show so we knew we wouldn’t be disappointed. 🙂 The last time JahBella ‘met’ Barney and Friends it was over Christmas and Bella was so much younger. This time around she knew all of the Barney songs that were played while we waited and she sang and danced along to them.
Oh my goodness!!!! I'm really going to meet him!!

Oh my goodness!!!! I’m really going to meet him!!

The wheels on the bus!

The wheels on the bus!

Is that barney???!!!

Is that barney???!!!

The show seemed to feature very new/ original tunes which maybe I wasn’t familiar with :p If anything I wished that there were more sing-a-long tunes like the ones they played before the show started. But of course there was the all time favourite “I Love you, You Love Me” at the end of the show. What I do love about these character performances at Ctiy Square Mall is that they are always of a decent length. Not to short that you feel silly queuing or waiting for it and they almost always have some fringe activities to entertain the kids with before or after at their City Green (outside the mall). More on their Uncle Ringo Carnival (happening till the end of this month), in our next post.
So if you have not been done to City Square Mall yet for their latest show or if you are still wondering where to bring the kids this weekend, this might be a good reason to head down there. Take note that this is the last weekend it is happening!
Oh yes and don’t forget to grab your meet and greet passes for the show too! With a minimum spending of $60, shoppers can redeem an exclusive pass for the Meet & Greet session and a carnival ticket one hour prior to each show. Limited to 50 sets per show and terms and conditions apply.
 Barney’s Jukebox Party ‘Live’ On Stage

Date: 6 – 21 June (Daily except Mondays)
Time: 1pm & 7pm (Tue – Fri); 1pm, 4pm & 7pm (Sat & Sun)
Venue: Level 1 Atrium

Smile! it’s still the holidays! 😉

JahBella’s Mummy

June School Holidays 2015 – Event Listings

The June School Holidays are right round the corner and although Jah and Bella are not old enough to ‘enjoy’ a month long of school holidays (haha they wish!!!) but they will definitely get to enjoy the array of activities that is available out there because of the school holidays.

So if you are wondering what to do or where to bring your kids over the next couple of weeks..here are some of the activity line-ups.

29 May – 28 Jun 2015 – Barney’s Jukebox Party @ City Square Mall

Get set for a rollercoaster of fun and excitement with plenty of activities related to the affable Barney, BJ and Baby Bop. For the third year running, the lovable purple dinosaur will take the stage at City Square Mall with a first ever retro-themed performance – Barney’s Jukebox Party.
The fun continues at City Green park as it transforms into a venue for fun and laughter with the “Good Ole Fun In The Park” retro carnival. Families can look forward to old school carnival games and rides such as the Pirate Ship, Carousel, Bumper Car, Tea Cup and more.
CSM06-04-15 GSS 2015 Barney Pre-Pub EDM A5 R9.indd

29 May – 28 Jun 2015 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dojo Experience @ Downtown East Events Square

An interactive event that is set in the Dojo training grounds of the Turtles, families and kids can explore the training grounds and participate in a series of secret ninja activities for an added dose of healthy fun. Taking place on weekdays (including Vesak Day) 1pm to 8pm as well as weekends from 11am to 8pm. Entry passes for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dojo Experience will be given to patrons with a spend of $20*
This event will feature the following activities:

Games and activity stations for kids from age six where they have the opportunity to test their courage, teamwork, accuracy and agility through a variety of Turtles-themed games (Ninja Zipline, Tag Team Ninjas, Villains Takedown and Epic String Maze.

Meet-and-Greet Sessions on the weekends with the different Turtles

NTC-473-01-15-DTE June Campaign-TMNT-A1-A3-R2

6 & 7 June 2015 – Nickelodeon Slime Cup 2015 @ Downtown East

The fun family weekend Nickelodeon Slime Cup 2015 event will take place from 11am to 7pm and admission is free. The event will feature:

•   Opening / Closing Ceremony: Nickelodeon Slime Cup 2015 will kick off with an Opening Ceremony featuring all your favourite Nickelodeon characters, followed by a fun dance and sing along session for everyone to participate. The Closing Ceremony will include a prize presentation of the final Soccer Showdown challenge with the ultimate sliming of the winner!

·         Meet-and-Greet Sessions: Have your camera ready to get up close and personal with your favourite Nickelodeon friends at Meet-and-Greet sessions during the event!

·         Mini SEA games in Nickster style: Get excited for the upcoming SEA Games with fun activities and challenges inspired by various sports at the event

·         Slime Throne: Capture the surprised expressions of your kids as they get to experience slime all over their body and look out for our instant photo giveaways!

·         Main Challenge – Soccer Showdown: In each 2 to 2.5-hour session your kids get to participate in different soccer challenges. The challenge is open to all individuals and no pre-registration is required. There will be 3 sessions daily with 3 winners per session.


Christmas Live Shows/ Meet & Greets 2014 – United Square

Its that time of the year again – Christmas! and Meet and Greets Galore for the children. I am strangely happy that Jah is finally old enough to enjoy some of these ‘Christmas festivities’ which will of course also involve me having to scout out for his favourite characters.

This mummy is very excited to learn the United Square will organizing a Move It, Shake It Christmas Live Shows/ Meet & Greet with Barney & Friends, Fireman Sam and Angelina Ballerina this year! Jah will get to meet his favourite Fireman Sam while Bella will get to dance-off with Barney.

So if your little one is as crazy about the Little Big Club members as my kids are then here’s what you need to know.

Catch Barney & Friends, Fireman Sam and Angelina Ballerina “LIVE” Musical Shows!

Meet & Greet Barney & Friends / Fireman Sam / Angelina Ballerina after the shows!

TLBC 8cm

Oh and fret not if they prefer Dora the Explorer instead because Dora will be on a musical adventure at United Square as well. 🙂

Join Dora as she embarks on a new adventure and learn all about little animals & friendships!

Catch Dora The Explorer Animalito Adventure ‘Live’!

Meet and Greet Dora & friends after the show!

Terms & Conditions:

Spend $50 (in a single receipt) at any retail outlets at United Square to have your photo taken with Dora and her friends (20 Nov – 8 Dec) or Barney & Friends / Fireman Sam / Angelina Ballerina (11 Dec – 18 Dec) after each show. EZ Link holders are limited to the first 25 Meet & Greet passes per session from 20 Nov – 8 Dec, while stocks last. Obtain a Meet & Greet photo queue number next to the stage one hour before the show. Bring along your own camera. Meet & Greet is limited to the first 40 families per session.

So join us for a Tremendously Goodieful Christmas @ United Square this Christmas!

JahBella’s Mummy