Follow-up Eye Review and a Second Opinion (kind of)

Its been almost half a year since Jah’s first eye-test and the very dramatic days that followed (his head injury). It almost feels like eons ago and most definitely a period that we still have ‘nightmares’ about. So when it was time to bring Jah for his follow-up eye review, we were feeling pretty stressed up. Though the eye-test and the head injury were not exactly related, we couldn’t help but associate them. 😦

We were initially supposed to bring Jah back to the Eye Centre for his review but given that this was likely going to be an annual affair, we somehow felt that we needed to find a doctor whom we were comfortable with and to just get it right from the ‘start’.

I did alittle bit more research, asked around alittle and finally settled on a doctor who comes pretty highly recommended. Ironically, she was one of my choices for Jah’s first eye check-up until we decided to go with the Eye Centre…hmmmm….

The doctor sees both kids and adults and the clinic was rather full when we got there at 1030am. However Jah was very comfortable with the environment and perfectly happy with the little box of toys and shelf full of books in the clinic.

IMG_3314 IMG_3317

We waited about 45 minutes before Jah was called by the Optometrist to do some tests. (Pretty long wait but it was a pleasant wait). The tests were done at one go which made it a lot easier for us.

We were called into the doctor’s office shortly (because 3 kids in front of us were all in the toilet at the same time! Hooray! :p) The doctor did a simple examination of his eyes and was really patient with Jah. She was also really reassuring and told us that there was no change in Jah’s astigmatism ‘degree’. She felt that his ‘degree’ was rather mild and told us that at 3 years old, a child’s vision is expected to improve with age and he will be able to see smaller/ farther items as he progresses/ as the brain develops. Oh so this is why he couldn’t see the last row of shapes no matter how hard he tried! Smack head! :):O

She told us that she personally would not have prescribed him with glasses but the fact that he was happy with the improved vision, we could of course continue but we did not have to enforce 24/7 compulsory specs wearing. Phew! It was such a relief for us to hear a second opinion on the matter. While the diagnosis was the same to a certain extent, the approach/ solution was totally difficult.

We came out of the consultation, understanding his situation and what he needed or didn’t need a lot better. We were reassured rather than petrified that our kid’s vision was going to worsen if he didn’t wear his specs every single minute.

All in all, a very successful reassuring eye-review which well honestly didn’t cost more than what we paid at the eye centre and we took all of 1.5hour before we were off to lunch and Toysrus for a reward. 😉


Glad that we found a decent doctor for Jah to follow up with. 🙂

JahBella’s Mummy

SofzSleep Pillow Review + Promo + Giveaway!

Jah has been using his ‘baby/kiddy’ pillow(s) for the longest time. Yes, I can’t even remember when we bought him the pillows but it has become 2 very flat pillows. Thinking about it now, I feel rather bad for making the poor boy put up with such uncomfortable pillows. Pillows that were too flat to be used in singles but too high to be stacked up in pairs. 😦

So when I heard about the Sofzsleep pillow I was really excited to let Jah try it and I couldn’t wait to ‘set it up’ for him in his bed.

Junior Pillow (S)

Junior Pillow (S)


I initially had problems convincing him to just try out the pillow and lie on it. You know how kids are sooooo resistant to change! :/ But once he put his head down on the pillow, it didn’t take a lot of convincing to get him to relinquish his old pillows.  🙂



The Sofzsleep Junior Pillow is made from natural latex and it is highly durable and able to retain it shape for years (no fluffing needed). It provides a really good support for all sleeping positions and has a contour design that can gently cushion the head while cradling the neck. I no longer have to worry if I am placing Jah too high or too low on his pillow and his head naturally falls into the ‘groove’. The pillow also has anti-microbial and dust mite resistant properties which makes it ideal for young children. The Junior Pillow comes in 2 sizes (S and M) and at 3 years old, Jah uses a Sofzsleep Junior (S) Pillow which will be suitable for him till about 5 years old.

Jah absolutely loves how soft the fabric of his Bamboo cover is and in fact Jah calls it his ‘soft pillow’, how apt! (true story!). The bamboo cover is an ultra cooling cover despite it feeling rather ‘thick/ plushy’, it is perfect for Jah whose head perspire a lot when he sleeps.

Washable Bamboo cover for the Junior Pillow

Washable Bamboo cover for the Junior Pillow

Jah started having such good sleep from his new pillow, that not only did we decide to get another one for Bella (who has been using her poor flat infant size pillow since birth) but Joel and I got really jealous of him and decided to get the Adult Range for ourselves. The Adults range has a really wide selection to fit and accommodate all sleep types and preferences. We decided to give their Contour Pillow a try which is apparently ideal for back and side sleepers and because we never had a contour pillow before. Lets just say I think I hear less snores now, possibly because I am sleeping so much more soundly. 😉

A goodnight's sleep for the whole family!

A goodnight’s sleep for the whole family!

Adult Contour Pillow vs Junior S Pillow

Adult Contour Pillow vs Junior S Pillow

For all those parents who are looking for a good night’s rest too.

Sofzsleep is currently running a special promotion till 28 Feb 2015. Available at all their retailers. See poster for promotion details. 🙂

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?


Sofzsleep has also very kindly offered to give away their wonderful Sofzsleep Junior S pillow to 2 lucky readers of

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JahBella’s Mummy

Disclosure: JahBella received a Sofzsleep Junior Pillow and a Bamboo Cover (Junior S) for the purpose of this review. All additional Sofzsleep Junior Pillow and Adult Contour Pillows were purchased by JahBella. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and photos are my own.

JahBella’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014

2014 marks the beginning of our blogging adventure – a decision to document our special family moments and vacation experiences as well as to give a little insight into the everyday lives of two full-time working parents, with two childcare going children. Although we have only been blogging for the last 5 months of 2014, the attempts to note down our experiences and thoughts have truly enrich our lives in more ways than we could imagine.

So to round off and recap our year, here are our Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014.

1) Why a C-Section Doesn’t Make You Less of  A Woman/ Mother

A reminder to all c-section mummies that regardless of birth method, we are all precious in the eyes of our little ones and a c-section does not make you any less a mummy.

2) Little Nyonya – Peranakan Outfits for Little Girls

Want to know where to pick out food quality Peranakan outfits for yourself and the little one? Little Nyonya has really authentic and beautiful pieces!

3) The Playhouse @ Rochester – Review

An Outdoor AND Indoor playground for the kids, with yummy brunch food for the whole family

4) Update on Jah’s Head Injury

A life-changing and scary moment for our family this year in fact the entire family + uncles and aunties are still pretty shaken by this event. We thank God that Jah is well and healthy today.

5) 3 Must-Have Items When Flying With Kids

Our family’s must haves when flying with kids and looks like we will be trying these items on Bella in 2015.

6) My Top 4 Kiddy Products of the Moment – (Sep 2014)

While we are no longer using our Double Stroller, the other 3 items still continue to be my favourite parent-life saver of the moment..

7) How to Survive an Eye Test with a 3 year old

We will be attempting our 2nd eye test with Jah in Jan 2015. Perhaps another post soon on how we survived the same test, this time at a private practitioner. In the meantime, this should lend some insight on what goes on during an eye test at a government hospital.

8) Trigg Beach Family Photo Shoot (March 2014)

Our first of many more family photo shoots in Australia (i’m sure). Its really hard to get the whole family to look at the camera together pix especially when attemping wefies so I’m totally for photo shoots during our least it guarantees some nice pics to take home with us 😉

9) Hop and Honk (I Theater) – Review

Jah’s introduction to his first full on theater play + an intermission and we survived! In fact keep a look out for more reviews on upcoming I Theatre productions in 2015! Can’t wait!

10) Getting Spectacles for Jah – The Ups and Downs

Finding a place that offers spectacles for kids below primary school going age, is really a tough feat in Singapore.

We are glad we found a place to go to for good quality spectacles that are ‘child resistant’ – a 3 year old is not going to treat his specs with the same care as a 13 year old.

So here are our Top 10 Blog posts from 2014!!

Thank you everyone for your support and we hope to share more of our adventures, tips and activities with you in the new year.

Happy 2015!

JahBella’s Mummy

My Must-Have Essential Oils that worked for us

I was an essential oils skeptic, largely because of its affiliation with Multi Level Marketing (no offense to those who are into it) but just a personal choice. However after doing some of my own research on the ‘magic’ of essential oils and the ‘scientific’ nature of these remedies, I decided to give it a try. I suppose anything that would help prevent my kids from falling ill or that would help their recovery process was worth a try and welcomed in my house. That being said, I do not promote any particular brand of essential oils and the recommendations below are just the ones that have worked for me.

Before I go into which oils worked for me and what I use them for. I have to make a disclaimer that the essential oils work and agree with Jah however they don’t quite agree with Bella. So I maintain that it differs from person to person and it depends on how each person reacts to it. Perhaps Bella was a little too young (1 year old) when I try to introduce it to her or maybe she just has very sensitive airways. (Her symptoms tend to get worse when I use the oils on her through diffusion). So I have since stopped using them on her and I have no intention to re-introduce them. Jah on the other hand, uses various oils every night through different ‘application’ methods. Continue reading

My Top 4 Kiddy Products of the Moment (Sep 2014)

I have found that at different stages of my baby or child’s growing years, I tend to have a favourite or a few favourite products/ items that make both Joel and my life that much easier. Over the years, we have had things like baby carrier (we love/ loved baby wearing), nasal aspirator for clearing little blocked noses, the ‘special’ milk bottles that either child chose to use (yes they rejected all other brands) and the list goes on. (Oh yes if you are interested to know more about any of the above or the brands that worked for us, feel free to shout)

So what are some of our top items of the moment, well here’s the list and why. Continue reading