Update on Jah’s head injury

Thank you everyone for your prayers, concern and love over the last few days! We really appreciate and needed every one of them.

Many of our family and friends have been asking about what has happened to Jah and how he is farely now so I thought I’ll update everyone through our blog.

Jah had a very bad fall on Mon evening. He was basically running out of the toilet after his shower and slipped. His legs were swept from under him and the right side of his head made contact with the ground first. He was fine after that but woke up in the middle of the night complaining of tummy pain (which I believe might have been nausea) and headache (which I initially thought was psychologically from thinking about the fall)

He woke up as usual in the morning but started throwing up. By the third time in that hour, we decided to head to A&E. He threw up all the way to the hospital and couldn’t keep any water or food down.

At the hospital, he was put on the drip to ensure he didn’t dehydrate and he wasn’t allowed to eat or drink so as to settle his tummy and prevent him from losing more water.

By Weds morning, his vomitting had stopped even with the slow introduction of liquid and soft food. The doctors confirmed that he was suffering from a head injury and that there was a 1% chance that there was an internal bleeding from it. However the only way to confirm that was through a CT scan. Given that his vomitting had stop, that 1% chance was diminishing and the scan carried too high of a radiation risk for his age, for us to justify doing it just to reassure ourselves.

The doctors tell us that the possibility of internal bleeding becomes less of a concern once we hit 72hours (Thurs evening) and his condition doesn’t deteriorate before that.

So we were discharged in Weds evening and are monitoring him at home.
He is still suffering from severe headaches and was totally disinterested in talking or playing yesterday. Lying down was the only thing that would lessen the pain.

He has perked up significantly today. Sitting with me to eat and watch tv and even walking around to play. With the occasional complaint about headaches and the sudden need to lie down. But pain medications are starting to help a little and we hope it will get better with each hour.

We are praying for a fast recovery and complete healing. We are also thankful for all the love and support and the wonderful medical staff who took care of Jah during this time.

JahBella’s Mummy and Daddy

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