Our Potty Training Equipments

Most parents who are going through or have gone through potty training their child, would probably tell you that they ended up with more ‘equipment’ than what was actually needed. We were the same! We pondered over different fancy potties hoping to make the potty training process as simple, painless and fast as possible. To be honest we threw out a couple of potties/ ‘contraptions’ that didn’t quite work for us or perhaps we were too eager and Jah just wasn’t ready. Continue reading

My Top 4 Kiddy Products of the Moment (Sep 2014)

I have found that at different stages of my baby or child’s growing years, I tend to have a favourite or a few favourite products/ items that make both Joel and my life that much easier. Over the years, we have had things like baby carrier (we love/ loved baby wearing), nasal aspirator for clearing little blocked noses, the ‘special’ milk bottles that either child chose to use (yes they rejected all other brands) and the list goes on. (Oh yes if you are interested to know more about any of the above or the brands that worked for us, feel free to shout)

So what are some of our top items of the moment, well here’s the list and why. Continue reading