SofzSleep Pillow Review + Promo + Giveaway!

Jah has been using his ‘baby/kiddy’ pillow(s) for the longest time. Yes, I can’t even remember when we bought him the pillows but it has become 2 very flat pillows. Thinking about it now, I feel rather bad for making the poor boy put up with such uncomfortable pillows. Pillows that were too flat to be used in singles but too high to be stacked up in pairs. 😦

So when I heard about the Sofzsleep pillow I was really excited to let Jah try it and I couldn’t wait to ‘set it up’ for him in his bed.

Junior Pillow (S)

Junior Pillow (S)


I initially had problems convincing him to just try out the pillow and lie on it. You know how kids are sooooo resistant to change! :/ But once he put his head down on the pillow, it didn’t take a lot of convincing to get him to relinquish his old pillows.  🙂



The Sofzsleep Junior Pillow is made from natural latex and it is highly durable and able to retain it shape for years (no fluffing needed). It provides a really good support for all sleeping positions and has a contour design that can gently cushion the head while cradling the neck. I no longer have to worry if I am placing Jah too high or too low on his pillow and his head naturally falls into the ‘groove’. The pillow also has anti-microbial and dust mite resistant properties which makes it ideal for young children. The Junior Pillow comes in 2 sizes (S and M) and at 3 years old, Jah uses a Sofzsleep Junior (S) Pillow which will be suitable for him till about 5 years old.

Jah absolutely loves how soft the fabric of his Bamboo cover is and in fact Jah calls it his ‘soft pillow’, how apt! (true story!). The bamboo cover is an ultra cooling cover despite it feeling rather ‘thick/ plushy’, it is perfect for Jah whose head perspire a lot when he sleeps.

Washable Bamboo cover for the Junior Pillow

Washable Bamboo cover for the Junior Pillow

Jah started having such good sleep from his new pillow, that not only did we decide to get another one for Bella (who has been using her poor flat infant size pillow since birth) but Joel and I got really jealous of him and decided to get the Adult Range for ourselves. The Adults range has a really wide selection to fit and accommodate all sleep types and preferences. We decided to give their Contour Pillow a try which is apparently ideal for back and side sleepers and because we never had a contour pillow before. Lets just say I think I hear less snores now, possibly because I am sleeping so much more soundly. 😉

A goodnight's sleep for the whole family!

A goodnight’s sleep for the whole family!

Adult Contour Pillow vs Junior S Pillow

Adult Contour Pillow vs Junior S Pillow

For all those parents who are looking for a good night’s rest too.

Sofzsleep is currently running a special promotion till 28 Feb 2015. Available at all their retailers. See poster for promotion details. 🙂

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?


Sofzsleep has also very kindly offered to give away their wonderful Sofzsleep Junior S pillow to 2 lucky readers of

To join the giveaway, just complete all the steps below.

The giveaway will end on 28 February 2015 2359hrs.

Congratulations to Casey Ang! and Andy Seah!

You have each won a Sofzsleep Junior Pillow for your little one! We will be contacting you via PM shortly. Please remember to reply within 48 hours! 🙂 

Thanks for everyone’s support and do stay tuned for more giveaways! 

Terms and Conditions: The winner shall collect the prize directly from the Sofzsleep office during office hours, by
appointment only. We reserve the right to select another winner if the selected winner does not reply to our email within 48 hours.

JahBella’s Mummy

Disclosure: JahBella received a Sofzsleep Junior Pillow and a Bamboo Cover (Junior S) for the purpose of this review. All additional Sofzsleep Junior Pillow and Adult Contour Pillows were purchased by JahBella. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and photos are my own.

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