Getting Spectacles for Jah – The Ups and Downs

So yes after that trying morning at the eye centre, we were told that Jah needed to wear glasses for his astigmatism. We figured that we should try and find a place to do it that afternoon since Jah was already ‘in the zone’ and was all for trying out glasses to ‘lock in’ his superhero powers.

We found Igard through google and it kept coming up as the top few searches for kids spectacles in Singapore. I made a quick call to them and found out that their Starhub Centre branch was open and confirmed that I could come in NOW to purchase specs for my child who already had a prescription from the eye centre.

When we got there, we were told that we could choose the specs but had to come back tomorrow so that the optometrist could measure something. Yes the person said measure something, without explaining what it was that needed measuring. I was utterly confused as I was holding onto a prescription from the eye centre and I was getting stressed out as Jah was starting to insist on trying out specs. 😦 I asked if their other branches (they have 4!) were open today and had an optometrist available. The lady told me that I could go to the NTU branch and that the optometrist would be there from 2-4pm. We decided to go with that option and bring Jah for a lunch treat first.

On the way to lunch, I felt increasingly unsure of the information given to us. So I called the shop again and confirmed that the Optometrist would be available at The NTU branch from 2-4pm today and the conversation went like that…

Me: just wanted to confirm that the optometrist will be at the NTU branch from 2-4pm today
Staff: actually that branch is closed today
Me: what? Closed today? But you said it was open earlier? So which branch is opened today?
Staff: oh I gave you the wrong info earlier. Only our branch is open today.
Me: so only your branch is open but you are unable to sell me anything even though you are open?
Staff: yes..
Me: ok forget it then, bye.

I really hate to do a bad review but that experience left us utterly frustrated! For a company that has 4 branches and a wide range of products, their service and business left much to be desired.

After that phone call, we were almost ready to give up. When Joel mentioned that he had seen a clinic at Paragon (Eye Specialist Clinic) amongst the search results that might have what we needed. I quickly called the clinic and confirmed that they do carry a kids range at their Optical Store and in fact they even carry an infant range. The staff was able to answer my questions about the type of lens, type of frame and band needed for a 3 year old child. And I knew that her answers were credible as I had researched the same info earlier.

The clinic and shop was located in a quiet corner next to the Toysrus at Paragon. The service was friendly and prompt. The staff was patient and gave good recommendations as to what kind of frames we should try on for Jah. The shop had a play area with blocks, Legos and a kitchen set! A truly child friendly experience in what could have been a difficult time to get a young child to cooperate.

Trying on glasses for Jah while he plays on...

Trying on glasses for Jah while he plays on…

We chose a Mira Flex frame and Crizal (non scratch/ anti reflection) lens and we were done in 15 minutes. Including measuring the distance between his pupils! Yes that was what needed measuring!

We received a call 3 days later to inform us that the specs were ready for collection and the collection process was the same, fuss free and quick. Jah was happy and so was I! 🙂

Trying out his new glasses for the first time

Trying out his new glasses for the first time

Totally happy during lunch - no fussing with the specs (please excuse the drool)

Totally happy during lunch – no fussing with the specs (please excuse the drool)

So yes I totally recommend the Eye Specialist Clinic if you are looking to get your kid’s glasses done. While I didn’t do a price comparison or product comparison with other shops in less pricey locations. I was more than satisfied with the overall experience and sometimes you can’t put a price on that. Especially when you know how bad the other end of the spectrum can be. 🙂

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