Hop and Honk ( I Theater) – Review

Media Invite

Jah and I were invited to watch the latest I Theater production, Hop and Honk, a musical weaving two familiar tales – the Ugly Duckling and the Frog Prince.


I was initially worried that Jah might not make it through the entire 85 minutes show and that he might ask to leave during the 15 minutes interval. However my fears were unfounded and I was surprised when he started to ‘whine’ as the curtains came down during the interval. He wanted the show to continue and who could blame him.


The show was extremely entertaining with its larger than life props, elaborate costumes, talented performers, catchy tunes, amazing backdrops and intelligent play with lighting.

The recommended age for the show is 4-18 years old and I think the appeal of the show is slightly different for each age group. Preschoolers like Jah would love the show for the gigantic wow factor props and characters’ cheeky antics. Jah especially loved that there were ‘baddies’ in the show, in fact he declared the ‘bad guy/ bird’ his favourite character! (Yes he is going through a good vs evil phase at the moment :p)

The school going crowd would absolutely love the show for its story telling and humour. I wished the theater scene was as vibrant and as exciting as this when I was in primary school!

The show also reminded me as a parent that some very key morals and values of self-awareness, confidence, tolerance, understanding and being sensitive towards others can be taught through a simple story. I can’t help but also think that we adults also need a little reminder of these values from time to time.

We thoroughly enjoyed the show and I’m sure a lot of the adults who went for the show would tell you that the songs were simply awesome! Super toe tapping and catchy!


The wonderful cast even made an effort to come out for a photo taking session after the show which made it that much more special for the kids.
Excuse my photo of a crying Jah, he was very affected that his favourite character was not around and the performer had changed into a different character’s costume. Poor fella but that was how involved and into the show he was and it was pretty funny for me to see.


Useful Information
Hop and Honk is on from till 15 Nov 2015. Tickets are available through Sistic at $32 (Cat 1), $30 (Cat 2). The show duration is 85 minutes + a 15 minute interval .
For more details, visit http://www.itheatre.org or http://www.sistic.com.sg

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2 thoughts on “Hop and Honk ( I Theater) – Review

  1. I’ve watched both run with my children and Frankly THIS VERSION IS VERY GOOD. Definitely an upgrade. Both me and my husband loved the show with my kids and Ethel (Obviously an upgrade from the last Isabella Chiam) really wowed us. Great job!


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