Birthday Cake Options for a 3 year old – What is allowed and what isn’t

We are fast approaching Jah’s 3rd birthday and what would a birthday be without a birthday cake right? Except we all know that getting a birthday cake for a 3 year old is a mean feat! You see, this is not a 1 year old baby who is not going to be able to eat his cake. This is also not a 2 year old who is just starting to talk and recognize his favourite cartoon characters. This is an opinionated 3 year old whose mind changes everytime you say “ok so you are sure that’s the cake you want?” Worse still, we have to get him TWO cakes, one for his school celebration and one for his home party. Up until recently, these are the combinations that he has requested for.

  • Cars Cake (School), Avengers Cake (Home)
  • Avengers Cake (School), Cars Cake (Home)
  • Mickey Cake with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Daisy and Pete, Donald not allowed to be featured (School), Cars Cake (Home)

Well on the bright side, at least we have one consistent cake choice (Cars Cake).

So given his very stringent 3rd option request, I thought it would be best that I show him the cake design options and allow him to choose for himself. And that was how we ended up with the 4th Option….


  • Cars Cake (School), Princesss Cinderella Cake (Home)

Yes, my son has requested for a Cinderella cake for his 3rd birthday. :p

I looked over at Joel when that happened and he made a face and his eyes were shouting Nooooo…..don’t agree to this.

So I asked: “Jah are you sure you want a princess cake for your birthday?” His answer: Yes, I want a CINDERELLA cake! And so I said….Ok…. :p

Now before any of his protective uncles/ aunties/ Godparents call to scream at me for agreeing to a Princess cake, hear me out…

Reasons for allowing my 3 year old son to have a Princess Birthday cake

  • We read him fairy tales (Sleeping beauty, Cinderella, Snow White). We let him watch these Disney movies. So why isn’t he allowed to have a cake with the same characters?
  • He likes Cars, Planes, Avengers, Mickey, Thomas the Train, Planes, Barney and the list goes on. He is allowed to have any one of those characters on his cake if he ask. He happens to also like the Princess characters we read about, so why can’t he have a princess on his cake?
  • He’s a boy, he likes the pretty princess so remind me again why he is not allowed to have that same pretty princess on his cake?
  • And lastly just in case some of his uncles are still not convinced, I asked him which character he wanted to be in Sleeping Beauty. He told me he wanted to be the dragon who protects the princess. :p

So there we have…my son has asked for a Cinderella cake for his birthday and he is going to get one. 🙂

JahBella’s Mummy

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