Art Camp @ The Playhouse (Rochester)

We had previously blogged about an Art Camp which The Playhouse at Rochester was organizing for the September school holidays. In fact 2 readers of our blog also won a 2 day Art Camp package which I hope their little ones enjoyed because I know my little one (Jah) did.

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While we were invited to take part in the 2 day Art Camp (Fri & Sat), we only managed to attend the session on the second day. Honestly if Jah was a little older and was on a week long school break, I would definitely have brought him for both days (the activities were pretty fun even for a grown up like me!)

We started off the morning mixing paint for our pumpkin bucket. The children collected their little ‘bucket’ which they had completed the day before, using I believe wet newspaper to mould around a balloon. I wish I could have been there the day before, this is the same concept which Joel and I was intending to use to build Jah’s big surprise birthday gift! Although Jah did not attend Day 1, he was not left out! The teachers had made additional little buckets moulds which they distributed the kids who didn’t have their own. How nice!

Mixing red and blue to get Orange!

Mixing red and blue to get Orange!

We/ Jah painted the bucket and then the kids were given a short break to go play in the Playhouse while the teachers prep for the next project. The break in the playhouse was very useful because it allowed the kids to burn some of that pent up energy from sitting for so long and help them refocus after.

Painting is tough work!

Painting is tough work!

The next project was cutting and painting some wings and ears for Halloween creepy crawlies. Jah was a little restless by then and just wanted to head off to lunch. Nevertheless he completed the painting with the help of mummy and it was off to lunch after that.

Hard at work - serious!

Hard at work – serious!

Although we didn’t stay on for the full session (my 3 year old has a threshold when it comes to sitting still for too long and also still needs a nap in the afternoon). He definitely enjoyed the session and in fact I think he would do far better when he is a little older and doesn’t need his nap. In fact I would definitely bring him for the 2 full days once he is ready to cope. Hopefully the Art Camp will continue to be an annual affair!

Also I have to say a big thank you to the teachers for being so patient with the kids! To ensure that Jah had something to bring him with him, his teacher rushed up to class to put the finishing touches (eyes, nose and mouth) on his pumpkin bucket and fill it with candy! Needless to say Jah was really really happy! A little effort goes a long way when it comes to little kids! 🙂 Thank you teachers for all the effort and The Playhouse @ Rochester for inviting us!

Final product!

Final product!

Our own pumpkin bucket with candies!

Our own pumpkin bucket with candies!

Happy Crafting!

JahBella’s Mummy

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