Jah’s Birthday Weekend (School Celebration and Transformers 30th Anniversary Exhibition)

Wow! Jah had a whirlwind of a birthday weekend! At least it felt like that to Joel and I. And I don’t even know where and how to begin documenting his 3rd birthday weekend, with all the photos and videos that we took. I’m resigned to the fact that some of these blog posts may just have to contain photos/ videos only. So if anyone has any questions about any of the activities/ places/ gifts etc, please feel free to ask and I will try my best to answer…

To kick things off, we celebrated Jah’s birthday (2 days early) in school. With his ‘carefully selected’, ‘mind changed many times over’ – Marvel Avengers cake. See my earlier post on this to understand what I mean. Getting 20 kids to sit patiently around a table for cake was quite a feat so I’m sorry that I don’t have a close up of the cake. It was a 2kg Marvel Avengers cake from Bengawan Solo and it was pretty yummy. I’m guessing we managed to feed the rest of his school for tea-break that day. 🙂 The kids were also really excited about their goodie bags, especially the boys who were declaring to me who their favourite Cars character are.

All patiently sitting around and waiting for the cake

All patiently sitting around and waiting for the cake

A glimpse of the birthday cake

A glimpse of the birthday cake

Goodies bags for everyone!

Goodies bags for everyone!

Close up of the goodies bags and treats

Close up of the goodies bags and treats

Our annual tradition is to take Jah out, after the celebration at school and to spend a day with just him. (Honestly I don’t know how we are going to do this for Bella/Jah when they are in the same school next year). This year, we decided to take him to the Transformers exhibition at the Science Centre. The exhibition is $30 for adults, $22 for children and free for kids below 3.

He was really pumped when he saw the huge Transformers images at the entrance. All I can think was “oh boy! You have no idea Jah but it is going to get better!”



The first area we came to, was the merchandise area where Jah was happily running about and doing his window shopping. In my excitement to show him the awesome stuff, I quickly ushered Jah into the main exhibition hall. This was met by a lot of crying and him declaring that he was very scared and wanted to leave the exhibition and go outside! I was thinking “crap! There goes $60 just like that!” :/ We went through the various halls quickly and came back to the merchandise area where he proceeded to continue shopping. Joel later explained to me that he just really wanted to shop for a toy before the exhibition. Bad mummy!

More where these came from

More where these came from

So after purchasing a toy of his choice, he calmly declared that he was now ‘protected’ and could go back into the exhibition hall. The exhibition took us through various zones featuring  different movies/ storyline,  we were introducred to huge autobots and decepticons and an awesome showcase of transformer toys and collectibles which I wished I owned. There were cool photo opportunities to activity corners as well as a movie screening of a Transformer movie and last but not least, the main draw of the exhibition, the larger than life Bumblebee and Optimum Prime Robots!









When we thought that we were done with the exhibition and were outside for the 2nd time, Jah bolted straight for the ticketing gantry again and said he was going in to watch the movie this time. So there we go again, heading in for the 3rd time! It was a good thing too because it was the last 45 minutes of that morning’s movie screening which meant that we had skipped all the boring bits and got straight to the action! We spent a good 2 hours at the exhibition with the birthday boy and I would like to think that he had fun because for the next 3 days, everytime he woke up from a nap or his sleep, he would ask and whine about the fact that he wanted to go see Transformers again. So I suppose mission accomplished for us! 😉


JahBella’s Mummy




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