Why a C-section doesn’t make you less of a woman/mother

I often hear women say that they feel like less of a mother or that they don’t feel like they have ‘given birth’ because they had a c-section birth and didn’t go through labour. And as much as I tell myself that thought is rubbish, I have also had my envious moments when I read/ hear of friends having a natural birth and ‘better’ still go without any pain relief. I suppose this might ring in as one of the top regrets for any c-section mummy if you asked what she wished she could change about her entire pregnancy journey.

Today I read a post online and it slapped some sense back into me. :p While I have to say the post was alittle extreme, it got its point across and got me thinking. Article Link

So while I envy/ admire/ take my hat off to all natural birth mummies, here are some reasons why I feel that a C-section doesn’t make you any less a woman or a mother. In fact we should wear our C-section mummy badge with honour! 🙂 Continue reading