Juice Cleanse Day 2 – Review

The second day of my Juice Cleanse was honestly rather uneventful J I suppose it is true, what they say about it getting easier with each day. Although honestly I don’t know if I could have dealt with a 3rd day without having cravings drive me nuts.

My bottle 1 was supposed to be Pear, lemon, Superfood Cayenne pepper but I learnt from Day 1’s experience that the Cayenne Pepper was a ‘killer’ when it comes to toilet visit. Given that I had a morning filled with meetings, I figured it wasn’t a good idea and decided to change the sequence alittle so I started with Bottle 2. So yes, a note to working mums – you can change up the sequence according to what works for your schedule, the numbering is just a recommendation. 🙂

Bottle 2 – Cacao & Maca Nutmylk (Dairy-free, Almond & Cashew, cinnamon, medjool dates with Superfood Cacao and Maca

So I started my day with a nut milk and I think it tasted better than Day 1’s Black Sesame nut milk so yes perhaps I just don’t really like Black Sesame. I took this bottle at 930am and I managed to last a lot longer than Day 1. Maybe it was because I was distracted with work or maybe my stomach had shrunk but I didn’t really get any hunger pangs that day. My advice when going on a Juice Cleanse is really to keep to your usual activities and ‘distractions’, taking it too easy might make you think about food a lot more and make it a lot tougher.



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