JahBella @ the Singapore Zoo – Should we renew our membership?

We have had our Singapore Zoo Family Annual Membership for almost 2 years now and we are starting to wonder if we should renew it for the 3rd consecutive run. After all we seem to be using it a lot less in recent times and how many times can a kid visit the zoo right?

So we decided to head to the zoo for ‘one last time’ before our annual membership ends in 2 weeks time and see if the zoo still holds the same appeal for the kids.

Since we forgot our umbrella strollers and neither parent was in the mood to carry a 13-15kg child in this hot weather, the kids were in for a treat! We rented a little wagon for them to enjoy their ‘ride’ through the zoo. The wagon could fit two kids comfortably and it cost S$15 for a full day rental. We were there for about 2 hours but it was still good fun and better than dragging tired kids around.

Did we really succeed in getting everyone to  look at the camera and smile?!!!!

Did we really succeed in getting everyone to look at the camera and smile?!!!!


We visited the Koala Enclosure which was all the craze over the June School Holidays. There was a sign outside which informed us of the estimated wait (20 mins according to the sign) but we only waited 10 mins. I loved it! (for the aircon! :p) The kids were curious about the koalas for all of 5 minutes and then Jah wanted to go for the Elephant show. (To be fair, Bella was alittle more ‘nurturing’ and liked the little bears abit more.)


Now the Elephant show, yes the ever elusive Elephant Show! We have been to the zoo countless times over the past 2 years but no we have not caught the Elephant show. In fact we have seen all the shows and even some shows twice or thrice but we always can’t seem to get to this one on time. However getting to the Elephant show and ensuring that we had a seat for everyone, meant that we had to forgo the giraffe feeding and the Animal Show at the Kids area). In fact we almost didn’t get a seat because the seating is really limited and it runs out so quickly.

Surprisingly the kids were ok with waiting 30 minutes for the show to begin and it was pretty fun. Jah apparently wants to come back for the Elephant show again the next time. But someone probably has to remind him that that means no giraffe feedings and what not.



After grabbing our customary Fanta Slushies in the special tall bottles, we were off for lunch. One of the reasons, I don’t fancy coming to the zoo is because I always have trouble figuring out how to feed the kids after. The choice of F&B or lack of really bugs me because there is so much potential and space here but so little ideas. I absolutely hate having to eat KFC everytime we come to the zoo and they don’t even have the breakfast options available. 😦

So I was quite excited relieved to find out that they had open a few new F&B outlets at the entrance of the zoo. This meant variety as well as a fast exit to the car after lunch. We decided to try out Chawang Café which served pasta, fish and chips and a few varieties of hotdog buns. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food and the speed of the service.  That being said, I wished they had some options for the kids or at least a kid sized portion. (Side note: I would go for the hotdog buns over the fish and chips which Jah rejected because he didn’t like the ‘oily’ taste’. The hotdog buns were pretty decent with their different toppings and sauces).



So will JahBella be renewing their Annual Family Membership for the consecutive run? At less than S$200 per annum for a family of 4, we will have to go to the zoo at least twice in the year to make it worth our while/ money. I say why not! After all the kids do love the Singapore Zoo and we do have one of the best zoos in the world don’t we? 🙂

JahBella’s Mummy

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