Juice Cleanse Day 2 – Review

The second day of my Juice Cleanse was honestly rather uneventful J I suppose it is true, what they say about it getting easier with each day. Although honestly I don’t know if I could have dealt with a 3rd day without having cravings drive me nuts.

My bottle 1 was supposed to be Pear, lemon, Superfood Cayenne pepper but I learnt from Day 1’s experience that the Cayenne Pepper was a ‘killer’ when it comes to toilet visit. Given that I had a morning filled with meetings, I figured it wasn’t a good idea and decided to change the sequence alittle so I started with Bottle 2. So yes, a note to working mums – you can change up the sequence according to what works for your schedule, the numbering is just a recommendation. 🙂

Bottle 2 – Cacao & Maca Nutmylk (Dairy-free, Almond & Cashew, cinnamon, medjool dates with Superfood Cacao and Maca

So I started my day with a nut milk and I think it tasted better than Day 1’s Black Sesame nut milk so yes perhaps I just don’t really like Black Sesame. I took this bottle at 930am and I managed to last a lot longer than Day 1. Maybe it was because I was distracted with work or maybe my stomach had shrunk but I didn’t really get any hunger pangs that day. My advice when going on a Juice Cleanse is really to keep to your usual activities and ‘distractions’, taking it too easy might make you think about food a lot more and make it a lot tougher.



Bottle 1 – Pear, lemon, Superfood Cayenne pepper 

I took my 2nd bottle at 245pm, yes a good 5 hours since my last bottle!! Honestly I don’t know if this is advisable but I was quite swamped that day and didn’t have time to grab my 2nd bottle so didn’t quite have a choice. As expected, the toilet runs started before I could even finish the bottle. :p

Bottle 3 – Pineapple, cucumber, kaffir lime, ginger with Superfood Maca and Turmeric

This was my favourite bottle of the day! Looking at the ingredients, I would have been rather put off but they all went well together (surprisingly). I took my 3rd bottle at 4pm and it wasn’t because I was hungry but because I realized that I might not have enough hours left to finish all my bottles.


Bottle 4 – Matcha Nutmylk: (Dairy-free, Almond and Cashew, medjool dates with Superfood Matcha

My last bottle of Nut Milk was consumed on the way home at about 630pm. I actually really liked the Matcha and I think this has to be my favourite Nut Milk of all. Although to be very honest, I personally did not really like the nut milks and I wished I had more of the smoothie ones from Day 1. But I suspect that it could be just me and the fact that I don’t fancy almonds because apparently Nut Milks are quite popular with most people.

Bottle 5 – Watermelon, Grapefruit & Mint, Superfood Turmeric

The ingredients of this bottle looked very appealing but I found it a tad sour and it was hard for me to finish it. I don’t know why and if it is purely coincidental but I’ve had problems drinking Bottle 5 on both days. I almost think that my body was tired of only drinking and needed some food to chew on or maybe because it was dinner time for my kids and it’s the first time in the day that I have had food staring me in the face.

Bottle 6 – Kale, cucumber, seasonal greens, lemon, apple with Superfood chia seeds

Despite the aversion and inability to finish my Bottle 5s on both days, I had no problems with Bottle 6. This one was  light even with the chia seeds. Oh and for all juices with cucumber in them, I found that the cucumber taste always overpowers all the other ingredients so if you are not a fan of cucumber than you might want to take note.

So that rounds up my uneventful Day 2 where I had less to zero hunger pangs, no feeling of emptiness unlike Day 1 and definitely no healing crisis!! Phew!

Will I do it again? Yes probably when I am feeling alittle ‘toxic’ or sluggish and the best thing about this Juice Cleanse was that I didn’t have to rake my brain for what to eat at each meal. :p

Before I end off my post, let me share alittle summary on the Powers of the Superfoods that were added to my juices. And just in case you are wondering, I used Gorilla Press Juices during this review and their juice packages are Omakase, meaning they will customize the menu for you and you can let them know if there is anything that you would rather not have in your juices. J

The Superpowers
Spirulina: Immune booster, anti-aging, blood purifier

Chia Seeds: Curbs hunger, stronger bones, aids digestion, reduce allergies, muscle recovery

Raw Honey: Immune booster, reduce allergies, aids digestions, hangover cure

Coconut: Cooling effects, hangover cure, hydrates

Cayenne: Calorie burner, immune booster, curbs hunger, improves eyes

Matcha: Anti-aging, antioxidant, caffeine replacement

Turmeric: Liver detox, anti-inflammatory, hangover cure, aids digestion

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about our Juice Cleanse experience!

JahBella’s Mummy




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