Meet The Family

photo 2photo 1 (1)

Heres a sneak peek into the dynamics of our family..and yes we are still trying to figure out what triats each kid has inherited from either of us. ;p

– Papa to Jah and Bella
– Bella’s favourite parent
– The Perfectonist
– The Parent who Cooks
–  The Neat Freak

– Mummy to Jah and Bella
– Jah’s comfort parent
– The Bad Cop
– The Control Freak
– The Holiday Planner

– The Older Brother aka Korkor (2011 baby)
– The Kinder Surprise, Unboxing Choc/ Plastic eggs fanatic
– Master “I have tons of energy”
– Master Joker
– The Bossy One
– Master “My toy cars have to be in a neat row or else!”

– The Little Sister aka Meimei (2013 baby)
– The Greedy One (she eats nonstop!)
– The Dramatic One
– Miss “I want to do whatever my korkor is doing”
– Her two favourite words – “papa!” and “mummum” – food not mummy!

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