Family Bike Rides Begin with Yepp

Going for bike rides used to be Joel and Jah’s thing to do on Sunday morning..the boys morning out. It used to be especially helpful when I was pregnant with Bella and needed a slow start to the morning. We fitted Joel’s bicycle with a Yepp Mini, essentially a child bike seat which would carry up to 15 kg. It was a really cool child bike seat for 9 months to about 3 years old which was shock resistant and made of a water resistant material similar to Crocs shoes.

Yepp Mini in white

Yepp Mini in white

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How do you help your child deal with bullying

What keeps a mother up at night? A baby you say? Well yes that too..

But what kept me up 2 nights ago and is still bugging me incessantly throughout the day is that fact that Jah woke up sobbing at 2am, telling me that he really doesn’t want to go to school tomorrow. We have had our fair share of Jah procrastinating on Monday mornings and whinning about going to school (especially when weekends are so fun!) But we love school!!! and I have never heard him so desperate to get my buy-in to “not go to school”. Continue reading