Family day out at the National Stadium – Suzuki Cup 2014

We have been wanting to visit the new National Stadium for awhile now so when we found out that the Suzuki Cup Group match between Singapore and Thailand was on over the weekend, we had to grab tickets. We also made it a big family outing with The ‘Village’ aka JahBella’s uncles and aunties.

All set Bella?

All set Bella?

Even though we had purchased pre-sold parking at S$10 per entry and it guaranteed us a parking space. We still decided to head down earlier to avoid any traffic jams and to grab some dinner. I think this is especially useful if you are heading for a big/ sold out match.

View of the festivities

View of the festivities

While there were tons of food options at the Kallang Wave Mall and Leisure Park Kallang, finding a seat was extremely difficult. That said, there was no shortage of open spaces around the stadium so we did takeaway and found ourselves a big open space to take in the view. Jah and Bella were so happy with the open space that they were running around and grooving to the live band music coming from the Suzuki Cup fringe activities area. Absolutely hilarious to watch!

Enjoying their food in the open space

Enjoying their food in the open space

Dancing for a good half hour!

Dancing for a good half hour!

Village pic!

Village pic!

We headed into the stadium at about 715pm. Getting in was a breeze, everything was clearly marked and nicely spread out. Tons of concession stands inside so we were not stuck in major queues. Every seat had a little vent near its leg so the place was nicely ventilated with cool air. My sister told me that the seats higher up have vents closer to the butt area. 🙂



Jah – 1st half!

Stuffing her face all night!

Stuffing her face all night!

FullSizeRender (1)

Jah – 2nd half!

Bella ready to KO!

Bella ready to KO!

Even though we had to leave after the first half because it was way past the kids bedtime by then. The kids really had an awesome time in fact Jah was fussing all the way to the carpark that he wanted to go back in. He was still very much in the mood and banging his little ‘clappers’ (not sure what you call them). Take note that no re-entry is allowed so please don’t step out if you are not intending to leave.

Leaving the stadium - not really wanting to leave

Leaving the stadium – not really wanting to leave

Seeing the kids all ‘grown up’ and enjoying the ambience so much, makes me wish I could get tickets to next year’s SG50 National Day Parade. Maybe if I wish hard enough, some balloting luck will come my way!! :p

Definitely a tiring end to a Sunday but we all know Sunday’s with family is always the best!

Jahbella’s mummy

Adventure World – Perth (March 2014)

Before I start on this post, I have to apologise for the lack of photos as our camera’s battery went dead on us and well handphones and theme park/ water theme park don’t agree. :p

Adventure World is a giant theme park that has a big water park area and a nice rides area suited for the young ones. The place also has huge empty grass patches throughout the park where families can set up shop. I seriously have no idea why we never came to this place in all our years of holidaying in Perth!


Adventure World is really a place for people of all ages. I would recommend coming early so that you can find a good spot especially if you are coming during the weekends. A lot of local families bring their own ice cooler box, little camping chairs etc, but a picnic map, towels and a change of clothing is all you need if you want to travel light.

We parked ourselves in front of the big water play area which was relatively shaded. That area is also closed by to the toilets, lockers and some food kiosk. We attempted the big water play area a few times but chickened out everytime some water hit us as it was simply too cold. Yes our photos seem to suggest that it was warm and sunny but I remember it was approximately 23 degrees or so. The kiddy/ toddler water play area was 100m away and the kids spent some time there but yes it got cold after a while too. I’m guessing all these will be perfect and very popular in summer.




From the kiddy waterplay area, you could see some of the rides available – Old school Viking ship, rickety roller coaster and a spinning tea cup ride to name a few. I will always remember Adventure World as the place where Jah experienced his first roller-coaster ride. I really don’t know what got into him but he wanted to try it and he also wanted to try the Viking Ship. I was petrified during the rides, petrified for him and that he would freak out in the midst of it. He took it well though and endured the rides till the end, but when asked if he wanted to repeat it, he gave politely or not so politely declined ;).  The only ride that Jah wanted to go on repeatedly was a ride that took us around the park and it gave us a bird’s eye view of everything from above. The only downside for me and Joel was the fact that we had to pedal it ourselves!!! It was a 2 seater which meant that I had no help from the one sitting next to me (he couldn’t even reach the pedals!). It also doesn’t help if you have someone/ two teenagers in the ‘car’ behind you, going extremely fast and chasing you down. Come on! No fair!

For those after a thrill, the park also has humongous slides and it was very very popular with the teenagers. I really wanted to give it a shot but I doubt Jah would have allowed me. Ok I asked him for permission but he said no. :p

Adventure World will definitely be back on our itinerary again the next time we return to Perth. And while we have never been to Perth in summer, this might be a tempting and good enough reason to.

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Hungry Heroes -Review (Dinner with Superheroes)

I was super excited when I found out about Hungry Heroes – a restaurant that serves tons of meat dishes (perfect for Joel and I) and it is also superhero themed (perfect for Jah).

When I say superhero themed, I’m not just talking about the marvel or justice league posters on the wall. I’m talking about the full works! Yes posters on the wall, mini superhero figurines in display cases mounted on the wall, life sized superhero statues as well as customized lamps with superheros figurines. Jah’s reaction when we stepped in? “Oh my goodness!” said in a totally in awe tone. Nuff said! Mission accomplished for me :p






But I still have to tell you about the food. We ordered a sausage trio with fries and corn, a portion of beef stew, a pulled pork sandwich, a 300gm tenderloin steak, truffle mash and their craft beer. A lot for 3 adults and 2 kid I have to say and if I had to summarize my review, I would say good hearty food/ meat at a very decent price point.





I liked that we could top up Jah’s order on a per piece basis because he loved the cheese sausage and wanted more. Though I wished I could have had more time to review their beer list which was pretty interesting but eating with kids always means quick decisive orders for me :/

Definitely a nice place to hang out with meat lover friends who will share a platter with you or your other half over some steak and beers.
Kids or anyone who is superhero crazy will love the ambience too..a lot to take in. 🙂




Just something to note, they currently do not have any high chairs yet so just make sure that your kid is ok on an adult chair (Jah was ok on their ‘sofa’ seats) or bring your own portable booster (which is what we used for Bella thus the ability to put her feet on the table tsk!)

Oh yes and do make a reservation if you intend to come right smack at lunch or dinner time. We had to make do with a 530pm dinner slot as we booked only a day ahead but I have to say the service is prompt and fantastic! 🙂

Address: 33 Tessensohn Road

Happy eating!

JahBella’s mummy

Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm – Perth (March 2014)

After exposing the kids to the Swan Valley Caversham Wildlife Park on Day 1 and the Lansdale Farm school two days ago, I was starting to wonder if another day spent with animals would be wise at all. Wouldn’t the kids be extremely bored of animals by now? Was it going to be worth the drive? I’m pretty sure a lot of people would probably have decided to give it a pass if they were in our position but we decided to go ahead with it.

It was a really really hot day and I was getting alittle irritable with the weather and the potential of it being a disappointing day for the kids. But I can’t tell you how wrong I was.

The Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm may not look as polished as some of the other parks. In fact I have heard people describing it as run-down and dirty and therefore discouraging others to visit it on their trip. But honestly, it’s a farm! I don’t expect the farm to be in tip-top spanky clean condition, after all animals live there!

What I liked and enjoyed about the place was really the fact that it stayed ‘true to its roots’ as a farm while still managing to accommodate the little children and make things a little fun and interactive for them. What amazed me about the place was the young girls who were working there and dealing with the animals! It was pure hard back-breaking work but these teenagers didn’t seem to mind it one bit. They took their work very seriously and were not concerned about how hot it was or how dirty/ smelly things were. Definitely something a lot of teenagers could learn from.

The entry cost to the farm included interaction with animals, free tractor rides around the farm, free food to feed the animals and free bottle feeding to name a few.


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Our Family Rules on Sharing

We have been trying to teach Jah the concept of sharing for the longest time and I’m sure this is one lesson which a lot of parents struggle with. Convincing their kids to share with their siblings, with their classmates, with that little kid in the playground or even to share the toy at the toy store that doesn’t even belong to him.

This lesson becomes especially hard when the sharing rule differs with different sets of people and also teaching the fact that people are entitled to say no if they do not wish to share their belongings. I know how our parents used to just preach that we HAVE TO share regardless of who the toy belonged to, who had it first, how unreasonable the other child is being. No if someone else wants the toy then the ‘right’ thing to do is for us to share, to relinquish, to give it up to that other child and to move on.

In our household, we (Joel and I) are learning not to subscribe to the same age old teaching on sharing that we grew up with. It is tough!

Sharing with your sibling

Sharing with your sibling is almost mandatory in our household (in a perfect scenario :p). The only exception to the rule is if one sibling is playing with a ‘borrowed’ toy and the other sibling (owner) wants it back then it has to be returned.  The owner of the toy is also allowed to suggest alternatives if he/she is playing with a particular toy that the other sibling wants. We have to accept that some toys are not ideal for shared usage and they just have to learn to take turns and respect ownership.

Sharing your toys with other children

When playing in a public domain with their own toys, we teach the kids that they are allowed to say no if someone approaches them for the toys. It gets alittle tough when innocent little ones just walk over and pick up a toy (its natural!) and sometimes I have no choice but to intervene. I usually ask Jah if he is ok to share and play together with the child. If it’s a no then that’s ok and I will gently ask for the toy back from the child. I feel bad about this and I hate to be the one to ‘break the bad news’ (always hoping that their parent would step in instead) Although that doesn’t always happen and some parents may also give you the dirty look. However this is one lesson and message that I need to remain consistent with because while I don’t force them to share their toys, I also teach them that they have to accept it when someone says no to their sharing request. Jah still finds it very hard to understand. We are teaching him to ask if he has a ‘sharing request’ but we are also trying to teach him that not all requests end with a yes. At times, he tries to barter trade or negotiate eg. I’ll share my toy with you and you share yours with me. (I’m quite glad that he has this skill) but yes he needs to learn that you don’t win every negotiation :p

So yes while I would hope that my kids are willing to share their toys with each other and their friends and even strangers all the time, I don’t expect it and would never force them to. While they may not be able to rationalize or reason as well as most adults :p I believe their unwillingness to share is no different from ours. It stems from a sense of ownership and I think I can respect that. 🙂

JahBella’s Mummy