Hungry Heroes -Review (Dinner with Superheroes)

I was super excited when I found out about Hungry Heroes – a restaurant that serves tons of meat dishes (perfect for Joel and I) and it is also superhero themed (perfect for Jah).

When I say superhero themed, I’m not just talking about the marvel or justice league posters on the wall. I’m talking about the full works! Yes posters on the wall, mini superhero figurines in display cases mounted on the wall, life sized superhero statues as well as customized lamps with superheros figurines. Jah’s reaction when we stepped in? “Oh my goodness!” said in a totally in awe tone. Nuff said! Mission accomplished for me :p






But I still have to tell you about the food. We ordered a sausage trio with fries and corn, a portion of beef stew, a pulled pork sandwich, a 300gm tenderloin steak, truffle mash and their craft beer. A lot for 3 adults and 2 kid I have to say and if I had to summarize my review, I would say good hearty food/ meat at a very decent price point.





I liked that we could top up Jah’s order on a per piece basis because he loved the cheese sausage and wanted more. Though I wished I could have had more time to review their beer list which was pretty interesting but eating with kids always means quick decisive orders for me :/

Definitely a nice place to hang out with meat lover friends who will share a platter with you or your other half over some steak and beers.
Kids or anyone who is superhero crazy will love the ambience too..a lot to take in. 🙂




Just something to note, they currently do not have any high chairs yet so just make sure that your kid is ok on an adult chair (Jah was ok on their ‘sofa’ seats) or bring your own portable booster (which is what we used for Bella thus the ability to put her feet on the table tsk!)

Oh yes and do make a reservation if you intend to come right smack at lunch or dinner time. We had to make do with a 530pm dinner slot as we booked only a day ahead but I have to say the service is prompt and fantastic! 🙂

Address: 33 Tessensohn Road

Happy eating!

JahBella’s mummy

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