Royal Carribean – Legends of the Sea (2012)

Looking back at the list of holidays we have taken with the kids, it suddenly dawned onto me that as first time parents with Jah, we were really quite afraid of travelling overseas. I say that with such disbelief because we love travelling!!! (ok the holidaying part because Joel will tell you that he hates flying!)

With Jah, we had only been on 1 overseas trip (Phuket) by the time the boy turned 1. Bella on the flip side, has been on 4 overseas trip (Penang, Bali, Perth and Hong Kong) and she is 15 months now.

I think we were so fearful of how Jah would be on the plane (he cried like a maniac on his flights to and from Phuket) that we just convinced ourselves to take the path of least resistance. So while we were really craving for time away from home, we decided to try another mode of transportation, a cruise liner! Continue reading