Our Potty Training Equipments

Most parents who are going through or have gone through potty training their child, would probably tell you that they ended up with more ‘equipment’ than what was actually needed. We were the same! We pondered over different fancy potties hoping to make the potty training process as simple, painless and fast as possible. To be honest we threw out a couple of potties/ ‘contraptions’ that didn’t quite work for us or perhaps we were too eager and Jah just wasn’t ready. Continue reading

Hairy Maclary and Friends – Review

We caught Hairy Maclary and friends today! Jah’s third play of the week! Unlike the first two plays (The Very Hungry Caterpillar and the Nightingale), Hairy Maclary and friends is an interactive play with music, song and dance.


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The Maze, Chinese Food and San Churros @ Northbridge – Perth (March 2014)

Our car ride to the Maze would be the longest drive of our entire trip and with not much to see on the roads as we approached our destination. So I was alittle worried as we were driving the last 20km towards the Maze. Was it going to be some backward, boring little place? Was there going to be anything good to keep the kids occupied? I was getting less and less confident about this attraction by the minute but boy was I wrong. Continue reading

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Play – Review

We had accomplished Jah’s first Disney on Ice as well as first movie in the cinema this year and today we made it through Jah’s first play at the theaters with us. While it wasn’t Jah’s first time watching a play because his childcare has brought him on a few occasions, it was his first with us. I always believe that kids behave a little differently in school and sometimes abide by different rules/ standards therefore I consider this experience with him, a milestone.

I have been wanting to bring Jah to a play for sometime but it was always either a timing issue or I wasn’t certain about the content/ story. I was very excited when I heard that The Very Hungry Caterpillar was coming to town since this was a story that he was very familiar with! I mean we memorized the entire book, hows that for familiar.

Jah declaring that he wants to go watch these shows next..my boy the theater buff!

Jah declaring that he wants to go watch these shows next..my boy the bookworm and theater buff!

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Tips for your child’s first time at the movies

Yes we finally took the plunge just before Jah hit the “Big 3” :p and I guess largely owing to the fact that there was a suitable movie for his 1st time at the movies! So if you are wondering when to bring your little one for his/her first movie, I guess there is no right or wrong time (some mummies bring their little bubs in carrier while accompanying their older kid). But if we are talking about having your child enjoy the movie from the start to finish and being able to discuss movie plot with you after haha then I suppose 3 years old is the age for us and here are some tips on how we made it out ‘alive’ and really happy! (Jah told me after his movie that he wants to go watch another movie again soon 🙂 ) Continue reading