Lansdale Farm School – Perth (March 2014)

After an eventful morning, taking photos down at Triggs Beach. We had to take a breather and satisfy our rumbling tummies. We decided to hop into the café/ restaurant which was conveniently located by the beach, it also happened to be a branch of our favourite Kaili’s Fish and Chips! The view from the restaurant was simply beautiful, with full glass panels and clear blue skies, any meal would be perfect!

Wonderful view!

Wonderful view!

Kids having a chat and a laugh..hmmm they look kinda burnt don't they?

Kids having a chat and a laugh..hmmm they look kinda burnt don’t they?

We were initially pretty skeptical about whether the kids would be able to last through another activity or pit stop after what we thought might be a strenuous morning. But the kids were in such good mood that we decided to proceed to our standby activity – Lansdale Farm School (15 minutes drive away from Triggs Beach).

Lansdale Farm School consists of an Animal Farm, a sun-shade playground and a Gnome Garden. The kids were free to explore the open spaces and unlike a ‘structured’ farm or park, they were allowed to just roam about and see which animal they would chance upon. Chickens? Cows? Donkeys? Pigs? Goats? Ponies? Be careful what you wish for, you just might come face to face with it. I was shrieking a lot during that visit :p

Farmer Jah

Farmer Jah

There was also a donkey ride where the donkey would pull the kids along in their little wooden carriage. Jah was really happy and excited, and brave enough to attempt the ride on his own. J In fact he was so comfortable in the farm that he was freely walking in and out of the ‘farm house’ to see the goats and climbing onto the parked buggies.

Mummy! Horse! No Jah, donkey....

Mummy! Horse! No Jah, donkey….

A donkey ride round the farm

A donkey ride round the farm under the clear blue sky

I'm ready to go golfing with you papa!

I’m ready to go golfing with you papa!

When it got a little warm, we took shelter in the sun-shade playground and let Jah tire himself out. The 90% shade cloth over the playground keeps the equipment cool and protects the children from the UV rays.

Sun-shade playground Photo credits: Lansdale Farm School

Sun-shade playground Photo credits: Lansdale Farm School

There is also a café onsite (Haystack Café) and the menu looked pretty good however it was a pity we already had our meal earlier and were totally stuffed. But I reckon the café might be a good place to chill out as we saw many parents hanging out at the café while their kids played at the adjoining Gnome Garden.

Given that the entry fee only cost us $6 per person and free for kids under 2, it was a really nice and affordable way to spend the afternoon.

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