Capella Singapore – Sentosa Staycation (April 2013)

If you haven’t already figured it out by now, we love travelling! In fact I’m super happy that my kids also seem to have the same wanderlust as us. But yes I recognize that it is not entirely possible to travel every time wanderlust strikes (which can be pretty often for us :p) And that is why I love staycations!

Staycations allow us to ‘go on a holiday’, at least it feels that way to the kids. We get to pack our bags and stay in a nice place with a nice pool and get to feel like we are experiencing our country as tourists/ travelers/ holiday makers. J It doesn’t involve as much planning as an overseas trip and we can go almost anytime without worrying about taking any/ too much leave.

The staycation concept was perfect was us when we wanted/ needed to go on a babymoon while I was pregnant with Bella. We had planned to go on a Perth trip with Jah but my health did not permit me to travel overseas. So staycation to the rescue!! I could stay in Singapore and still enjoy a holiday, without worrying that I would suddenly go into labour. Wonderful!


What was more wonderful, was the fact that we chose to stay at Capella Singapore. The location of the hotel was enough to make you feel like you were truly in another country. We booked a Garden View Premier room and Capella very kindly upgraded us to a Seaview Premier Room. It was phenomenal!! Imagine lying in your bed facing the only window in your room. Except the window gives you a wide landscape view of the sea in front of you! We spent many hours sitting by the window with Jah and just admiring the view and having our room service.

View from our bed...

View from our bed…

Automation from the bedside was one of the key features in the room which made it extremely easy for the heavily pregnant woman to control everything without getting out of bed. The room also had small outdoor ‘balcony’ with 2 chairs which was perfect for our late night chit chats while Jah was asleep.

Everything at your finger tips

Everything at your finger tips


Our rate included complimentary breakfast every morning at the Knolls and breakfast was extremely decadent! We were spoilt for choice, the range and quality was too good! The honey came from real honeycombs and Jah kept asking for the individually packaged fresh fruits, mueslis and free yakults!

For lunch, we took the opportunity to have the Dim Sum Weekend Experience at Cassia (their Chinese restaurant) and it was so good! The Dim Sum lunch is only available on weekends at 12pm and includes 6 choices out of their 12 Dim Sum selection, a double boiled soup, a trilogy platter, a rice/ noodle dish and a dessert (yes I know its a lot!!!!!).

While Jah took his afternoon nap, we order the High Tea Set to our room. This afternoon tea set is served in their restaurant but they also served it via room service to us. (A quick check on their website shows that they are now offering an East Meets West Afternoon Tea Menu – choice of Dim Sum vs Western on weekends). Now I really want to try their new menu!!!


We also had access to the Library where a wide selection of books was available; they were definitely not kidding when they named it the Library. Complimentary tea, coffee, soft drinks and snack was also available there and Jah was very thrilled by the old school jars of goodies until he realized that mummy wasn’t going to allow 17 month old him to have most of it. :p

The swimming pool had a shallow area where Jah could walk around in and a deeper end which would require you to climb over the wall that separates them, if you didn’t want to get in and out of the pool. There was also a flight of stairs which led from the back entrance of the hotel to Palawan Beach. A little tough for the pregnant woman to climb back up after but otherwise perfect for sandcastle time at the beach.

I am actually blogging this entire entry from memory and just remembering all the little details of the staycation and the impeccable service is making me want to return there soon! Now I just need to figure out how to accommodate the entire family while still staying in a room that offers me that awesome calming seaview!

Enjoying life..

Enjoying life..

A staycation soon anyone?

JahBella’s Mummy

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