US California Trip (May 2017) – SFO to Monterey -Day 5 (Swanton Berry Farm, 99bottles and Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa)

Day 5 and it's goodbye San Francisco for now! Time for us to head south towards LA with a few pit stops along the way. 🙂

We made a really early breakfast stop somewhere in SFO (honestly not worth mentioning) and headed straight out of the city. The kids were raring to go because we had a nice road trip pit stop planned at Swanton Berry Farm. The kids had tried lemon and orange picking in Australia last year and loved it! Link here. So how could we not incldue another fruit picking session this time around, given that it was strawberry season!!!!

The drive from SFO to Swanton Berry Farm took us almost 2 hours but wasn't that bad since it was enroute to Santa Cruz which was going to be our lunch stop. We probably would have gotten there faster if we had stuck to the highway route but our GPS told us to turn off the highway just as we were about 10 mins away from the farm. We ended up on the 'mountains', taking a circular/ scenic route before we hit the farm from the other direction. So word of caution, you will be able to see the farm on your left from the highway and will be able to turn in directly from the highway. If you don't see it yet and your GPS tells you to turn into some small road, don't! It was quite a challenge for Joel to maneuvor those narrow steep slopes/ roads in a people mover (yes we rented a 8 seater for maximum passenger comfort and luggage space). Poor Joel!

We got to Swanton Berry Farm at about 11am and we picked up an empty brown box for our pickings. We headed back out the front door and was told that we could either walk to the farm, approximately 800m away or drive over in 2 mins. We chose to drive haha but it was really nearby. The smell of fresh strawberries hit us as we got out of the car! Sweetness in the air!!

We spent almost 45 mins picking our berries and the kids just went crazy haha and couldn't stop. We filled our 2 box trays and had to bring it back to the store to weigh them out and pay for them. Honestly for the same price that we paid, we could have gotten the really sweet, plump ones that the farmers had picked themselves and were selling. But it's all about the experience isn't it?

The kids were also attracted to some chocolate coated strawberries and we were forced to buy some. We consumed them on our walk to the car. They were so divine! I belted the kids in their car seats and ran back to the store to buy a few more for post lunch dessert. Yummy!!

It took us about 30 mins to drive to Santa Cruz and we headed directly to 99bottles for lunch. As the name suggest, if they have 99 different types of beer or perhaps more but it was a treat for the adults and the pub food was pretty decent too. The kids made us order a second portion of the mac and cheese for them. I have to say that everyone was in an awesome mood after such a fun morning and yummy grub and beer. :p


Thank goodness for the good mood too because we had another 2 hour drive left to go before we got to our hotel in Monterey and we also had a laundry stop to make.

So in case you are wondering how we dealt with our laundry for our 17 day trip (without any AirBnB stays) we made laundry stops throughout our trip and space them out so that we would have enough clothes to last us between stops. When I say laundry stops, I don't mean spending 1-2 hours at a laundromat doing coin wash. Honestly, I would prefer a 2 hour nap than a 2 hour laundry run and also there is no way my kids are sitting nicely in a laundromat while we wait for our laundry. So I made sure that the places we stopped at, had what they call Wash and Fold Services where you dropped off your laundry for them to wash and literally fold it and you either collect it or it gets delivered to you in about 24 hours.

We dropped our laundry off at Sudz Cyber Laundry (10 mins drive away from our hotel) and we picked it up the next day at about the same time. Clothes were nicely folded when we collected them. 5 days worth of laundry for 4 people and it cost us about $50. I know it seems like a lot but I figured we were paying for convenience, zero tantrums and clean clothes..well worth it! The place has coin machines too if you prefer that and I think they may even have the option of someone watching your machine for you but we didn't explore that.

It was almost 4pm by then and the kids were in need of their nap (and so were the adults). We checked into the Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa which came highly recommended by a friend. And you can totally understand why you are paying a premium at this hotel. It has a really nice harbour/ ocean view, rooms were spacious and they even had decent room service which we enjoyed every night that we we were there. Hot chocolate with whipped Cream every single night! Trust me, it's hard to get decent room service in most hotels in the US, even the big names we are so used to in Asia, only offer very basic service. So this was definitely quite a treat.

Needless to say, after a long day on the move, everyone was wiped out and in need of some good sleep on those plushy double beds before we continue our exploration of Monterey tomorrow….zzzzz

JahBella's Mummy

Next Up – Monterey Bay Aquarium and Lafeyette Bakery Carmel

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JahBella’s Moments of 2015

It truly has been quite the year and so I thought what better way to close off their year than with a post on JahBella’s Moments of 2015. Some of our milestones, recaps and well just the awesome fun times we have had this last year. So here goes…..JahBella’s Moments of 2015! 🙂

JahBella’s first family holiday with the village!! Lets do it again next year guys!!!

Our first Kid’s run and I’m sure we will be back next year for more runs!



New job for JahBella’s mummy after 11 years means Jah and Bella have to get used to a new routine and I have to say they have been awesome!! No photos though but I figured it’s worth a mention :p

Bella turns 2! And discovers her love for food? Oh sorry she discovered that a long time ago…both kids discovered their love for seafood!! Lucky us!! 🙂


We moved out of our first nest after 7 years!!!

JahBella’s Mummy’s 15 minutes of ‘fame’ on Talking Point :p


 Our trip to Tokyo…Our longest and furthest trip yet with JahBella and our first time travelling as a family of 4….I still can’t believe I survived it and honestly I wouldn’t mind doing it again.

IMG_9899 (1).JPG

SG50 Staycation! Fireworks and flypast galore at the padang!

Jah wins his first online competition and gets Mummy a week with the Beetle..yay!!


We discovered the islands of Singapore with our family!!!


Its Halloween! We love dress up! 

Our little Superhero is 4!


Mummy I’m 4! And I have discovered my love for animals! 🙂

USS! Where finally everyone can go on rides together (most rides) and we discovered who the thrill seeker in the family is..yes Bella and her love for rollercoasters..oh my! 

Wedding in the family! 1st time as Page Boy and Flower Girl! 


School Concert 2015! Bella’s first concert!


Jah’s first time on a public stage! Milestone indeed…#proudmummy  

 A Star Wars kind of Christmas! Jah has developed a love for Star Wars Lets see how long this last 😉   


No photos from Christmas yet, given that its Christmas Eve today. However going by their enthusiasm for Christmas, I think its going to be an awesome one!

 Merry Christmas everyone!

Happy New Year in advance and we will see you all next year!

In the meantime, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out what we will be up to for the last couple of days of 2015! 🙂

Bali Holiday (March 2015) – Pirates Bay Nusa Dua

Jah is currently in his ‘I am a pirate yo ho ho!’ phase. I vaguely remember him being in a similar phase when he was about 1 but I think he was too young to be excited about more than a Jake and the Neverland pirate show. So this time around we thought we would indulge him in his pirate phase when we heard about Pirates Bay in Nusa Dua, Bali.


IMG_5288There is really very little information online about the place. The only things I managed to gather from its website, was the fact that it was a team building site and it also has a cafe with tree top seating.

To be honest, I kind of regret hyping it up to Jah because I was alittle disappointed by the place, myself. To be fair, we only had drinks there since we were going to Ku De Ta in 2 hours. But I think we were fortunate that we were there as a big group because we could at least kick a ball around alittle, bury some little ‘treasures’ (sweets) in the sand for the kids to find and entertain ourselves.

IMG_5254IMG_5280IMG_5272Perhaps the place would be livelier over a weekend (we were there on a Monday) or maybe the ambience would be different after sunset (we went at 10am). If anything, I was quite impressed by how they built the treehouses and pirate ship. We actually saw people working at it while we were there.

IMG_5262Nevertheless, I would say that the place is a simple place to chill out with family. Just remember to bring a book (if your kids will give you some downtime), sand toys and ball for the kids and some of your own treasure to perhaps do your own little treasure hunt. 🙂

IMG_5299P.S – We saw that a Waterpark was being built right next to it. Perhaps it would be a complementary product that could add alittle more excitement for people making a trip there.

JahBella’s Mummy