Jah’s unwrapping presents post including the much-awaited giant egg!

Yes, this post will mainly feature videos because if a picture speaks a thousand words then these videos will tell you the whole story..the story of how a little 3 year old boy manages to blow out his own birthday candles and finally understands the joy of unwrapping presents. Also the excitement of seeing his own Giant egg that he literally could not find the words to express himself …:p

Before we get to the present part, heres a little clip of how Jah attempts to blow out his birthday candles

And now for the presents, first up, unwrapping his present from Aunty Charm and Uncle Yip, it was the longest gift unwrapping I ever witnessed and this was with help from his aunty…they wrap presents very securely nowadays it seems..


Next up, a present from Aunty Rans and Uncle Khai, to ride on the Transformer craze he is in..


And finally the moment we have all been waiting for!!!! The unveiling of the Giant Egg and sorry but the eventually peeling of the playdoh and the mini egg opening is alittle anti-climatic but I’m pretty sure it was fun for the kids 😉 so thats all that matters right?



JahBella’s Mummy