The Solution to Internet Blindspots in your own house – TP Link Wifi Range Extender

I don’t know how I managed to live with such bad internet connection in my own house all these years and just somehow learnt to put up with it and worked around it! When I say bad, I really mean horrendous and non-existent. The only place that I could get any signal is in my living room (5 steps away from my router). I have no signal in Jah’s room and no signal in my bedroom, both of which are about 10 steps from the router). Yes how is that possible when I live in a standard HDB flat!!

To my defense, I did try to sort out the problem a couple of times. I screamed at my internet provider and insisted they come check on the reception in my house. We attempted to troubleshoot the problem over the phone and we all know how difficult it is to reach any of these service providers over the phone. I upgraded my internet plan to give me better speeds. I changed my router twice! because I was told my router might be ‘too old’. Nothing worked and well I eventually gave up and made do with a mobile wifi device when I needed internet access in the rooms.

I recently found out that I was not the only one with this ‘strange problem’ and that a wifi range extender could potentially solve my problem. So I went in search of it, at the nearest challenger.

I was initially looking for a particular range extender that needed to placed mid-point between my existing router and the area where the signal is weak. Prior to looking for it, I was abit skeptical and confused on whether this would even work, given that the supposed mid point between my router and weak spot area was well yeah only bridging things by 5 steps away.

In any case I decided to try but was told that the shop did not carry the brand I was looking for. Instead of recommending me a different brand with the same setup, the very kind salesman recommended me something slightly different.


This wifi powerline extender was connected via the ‘power lines’. Therefore I just needed to plug Adaptor 1 to my wall socket and by LAN to my router and plug Adaptor 2 to a wall socket in the room where I needed internet. Hit the PAIR button on both adapters and voila! I get internet in my master bedroom. I was told that I could get an additional adaptor if I wanted to also place one in Jah’s room. However I found that by placing Adaptor 2 on a wall that divided both rooms, it gave me signal in Jah’s room as well!

So yes now I have internet signal in my rooms without me having to carry a mobile wifi device around the house with me! Oh the joys of easily accessible internet in my own house..such irony šŸ™‚ but I’m a happy girl this Christmas.

JahBella’s Mummy