Cold Storage Kids Run 2016 + Discount Code

JahBella participated in their first race during the Cold Storage Kids Run 2015 last year and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. In fact they have been bugging us to find out when the next race will take place and which categories they will get to race in. So you can only imagine their excitement when we told them that the Cold Storage Kids Run will be back for its 9th consecutive year and that we will be taking part!


While there is definitely no lack of runs/ races/ marathons in Singapore, my kids are strangely fixated on the Cold Storage Kids Run even though it isn’t ‘attached’ to any fancy cartoon/ animation character.

If you read about our experience last year [click here], you would know that we benefited from JahBella being close in age because they got to participate in the same category, the Jolly Kiwis for 2 – 4 years old. Well ok, they didn’t really participate side by side, given that Jah ran the whole 800m while Bella got carried on Joel’s shoulders almost from the starting line. But the awesome part was that the littler ones could move at their own pace and not be worried about being jostled by much older kids (which normally happens when every kid from 2 to 12 ends up in 1 category). In fact we saw many parents carrying their little ones in carriers or on their shoulders and the small ones were just really happy to be part of all that 800m excitement.


Photo 1

The one thing that I absolutely love about the Cold Storage Kids Run is the fact that the races are very well categorized by age. It is truly an out and out Kids Run which caters to the various ages in different categories as well as distances which the kids can cover comfortably regardless of whether it is in ‘fun’ mode or ‘competitive’ mode. There is even a stroller race if that is your preferred mode of ‘transportation’ 🙂 The ‘after party’ carnival is also a huge draw for the little ones to spend time with family and friends so yes gather everyone for a fantastic Sunday morning out!


This year, we will be participating in two different categories which means that Joel and I will have to divide and conquer. I’m taking Bella so wish me luck! Perhaps I’ll be whipping out my own carrier this time around :p

The Cold Storage Kids Run 2016 will be happening on 22 May 2016 (Sunday) at The Meadows @ Gardens by The Bay (7am to 12pm).

Race/ reporting times will depend on which category you have signed up for.

For more info on race categories and fees, please refer to this link.

Do note that the registration will close on 3rd April 2016 or once the race capacity of 5,000 has been reached so make sure that you don’t miss out!

However if you have missed out on the Early Bird Registration Window, fret not!

Here is a promo code REFBLOGGER16 that will entitle you to a 10% discount off the registration price.

JahBella are already gearing up and practicing for their upcoming race so what are you waiting for? We will see you at the Finish Line! 🙂


JahBella’s Mummy

Cold Storage Kids Run 2015 [Media Invite]

Jah and Bella participated in their first ever run on Sunday during the Cold Storage Kids Run 2015. In fact it was also the first run for Joel and I :p and I have to say we had quite abit of fun.

The morning started really early for us! With the reporting time for our category (the Jolly Kiwi for 2-4 years old) starting at 8am, we made sure that we were parked and on our way to Gardens By the Bay (GBTB) by 7am. Honestly we would never have been able to catch such an awesome ‘sunrise’/ morning view if not for the race. We parked quite a distance away at MBS, just to make sure that we didn’t get caught in any jam or no parking situation.

Rewarded with an awesome view for waking up early

Rewarded with an awesome view for waking up early

With our (more than 1 km) walk to GBTB, I was quite worried that the kids would be exhausted even before the race began. I noted Jah’s solemn face and quietness while we were waiting to enter our holding area and was wondering if he was thrown off, tired and perhaps almost tipping over to meltdown mode. But I soon realize that his ‘stillness’ was actually him mentally focusing and psyching himself up for the run. Wow!

Well organised and well ventilated holding area

Well organised and well ventilated holding area

Mr Super Focus did not want to be in this holding area family pic

Mr Super Focus did not want to be in this holding area family pic

I don't know what everyone else is looking at...5 secs to flag off!!!

I don’t know what everyone else is looking at…5 secs to flag off!!!

When asked if he wanted to walk or run, he very determinedly shouted Run! And boy, did this little fella run. In fact he ran for the entire 800m and even caught up with the kids from the first wave of his category, only stopping to check if I was still behind him. I stopped him shy of the finish line to ask if he wanted a balloon which they were giving out to the little runners.  He paused, considered and said no! lets go! I saw the determination and the competitiveness in his eyes and I had a proud mummy moment. 🙂

I can't believe he is only 3.5 years me bias but I think he did fantastic..

I can’t believe he is only 3.5 years me bias but I think he did fantastic..

Congratulations my boy!

Congratulations my boy!

If you are wondering why there are no photos of Bella running, its because Jah and I blazed off right from the starting line and Papa Joel was left to deal with the little sister who insisted on papa taxi (riding on Joel’s shoulder) all the way. :p Nevertheless it was still really nice to be able to participate in the same category for their first run and to do it as a family (the advantage of having kids close in age).

I have to say that the organization of the run and the choice of venue was superb. We loved that the race was kept confined to a ‘safe’ location versus the ‘roads’ but yet we had tons of space and greenery to enjoy post-race. The process from holding area to start of race to the picking up of kids was very smooth and I have heard from a lot of friends who were equally impressed and very surprised at how well run the race was. Jah and Bella met up with friends after collecting their medals and certificates and had a nice time just chilling and savouring their ‘victory’/ achievement.

Jah with his first medal...a moment worth documenting

Jah with his first medal…a moment worth documenting

Enjoying a birds eye view

Enjoying a birds eye view



JahBella and Friend(s)

JahBella and Friend(s)

Jah was especially pleased with himself and wanted to go for another round right after. My worries about having to drag tired children across GBTB to MBS were unfounded as the kids were so upbeat and ready to continue racing each other.


I’ll race you to MBS!!

I am really glad I brought Jah to experience his first run..possibly and hopefully developing a new found interest. Super proud of him and the competitive yet sensitive spirit he showed. He couldn’t stop talking about his first race experience and in fact was still so pumped up all the way till bedtime. Despite his excitement, he stopped to remind me that he nearly bumped into some ‘babies’ in his hurry to get to the finish line. He wanted to know if the babies were ok and if he hurt them because he was ‘not careful enough’. 🙂

I expect to be hearing his ‘victory’ story for many more days to come and answering his questions so that he can relive this fun experience in his mind over and over again. I’m absolutely sure we will be joining many more races to come and hopefully Bella will be there for the running and not just the apples :p


Until Cold Storage Kids Run 2016!!!!

Disclaimer: We were invited to participate in the Cold Storage Kids Run 2015 and we had an awesome time! Thank you for the invite!