If I were a time traveller…

You know the question that goes “if you could have one superpower, which one would that be?” I’ve always struggled to choose between teleportation and time travelling but well I do suppose they have their similarities. So yes since I’ve probably given this time travelling thing alittle more thought that the next person. I think it’s no surprise that if given the opportunity to time travel, I would be spoilt for choice on when I would choose to travel back to. So at the risk of sounding greedy, I have chosen just 3 ‘time’ to travel back to. :p

1) I would travel back to the day of my customary wedding
Not that I needed the day to be more perfect than it was. What could be more perfect than marrying your best friend right? :p But if there is one reason I want a do over, it is so that I can learn to relax and just enjoy the day. I think most couples can probably attest to the fact that their wedding day was probably one of the happiest day of their lives but also one of the most stressful days as well. If only we knew better to just relax and enjoy the moment with the love of our life.
1909526_48789331729_3631_n2) I would travel back to the day we induced Jah’s birth
As first time parents, we were in such a hurry to meet our first born that we were constantly ‘harassing’ our doctor about the possibility of inducing. Plus the fact that Jah was an extremely big baby (3.75kg by 38weeks), yes you can barely tell now right? :p We were concerned that we would not be able to have a natural birth if he came out any later and grew any bigger. Inducing him at 38weeks resulted in a 18hour labour and an emergency c section after all time. So yes if I could turn back time, I would let nature take it course (no pun intended) šŸ™‚
312645_10150389496321730_1934279970_n3) I would travel, travel and travel…
Don’t worry I’m not referring to time travelling repeatedly instead I’m referring to travelling more pre kids and travelling more pre Bella. Oh don’t get me wrong, I think we still do quite abit of travelling with 2 kids in tow. But I can’t help but now appreciate the simplicity of travelling just as a couple or with just one kid. Which makes me wish that we had travelled more often and for longer haul. That fear of bringing Jah on long haul flights now seems so minute compared to having to bring two kids on a long haul flight. So yes to parents with 1 kid, I say please please travel and satisfy your wanderlust. It’s not impossible to travel with more kids…just a very different experience. šŸ™‚
163240_487448491729_3735314_nIf you were a time traveller, what would you do?
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