Pasir Ris Park for Kids – JahBella’s favourite playground 

This post has been long overdue but I am kind of glad that I had put it off until now. Pasir Ris Park has been one of our favourite go to places on weekend mornings since Bella came along. Not only is it Papa and Mummy’s favourite places because it’s super easy on the pocket ;). Except for the money you have to spend on the ice cream and drinks from ‘ice cream uncle’s’ van, everything else is free.

  DCIM100GOPROGOPR0461.And the reason why I’m glad that I’ve put off the post till now is because today was one of those days where Jah and Bella were ultra adventurous.
They normally spend a couple of minutes playing with one or two things in the park (yes there are tons! as you will see from my photos) Then they will spend the rest of the time just playing with their sand toys and sending me or Joel on multiple water collection trips. There is a water point for washing up so no worries about the kids getting grubby.
We brought our picnic mats just to have a place to sit at while the kids play with the sand. But we had no such need because we spent an hour going from ‘station to station’. We have also done family picnics there before so if preparing some finger food or snacks is your thing then there are lots of big spaces to plop yourself for the morning.
 DCIM100GOPROGOPR0506.There are lots of ‘stations’/ play areas for different age groups. Playgrounds from the smaller ones to spiderweb climb areas for the bigger or more proficient kids and then there is also everything in between. The kids will never get bored because there is just so many activities to choose from. Even the simplest of structure which to me, looked like looked well just like an ordinary ‘useless’ structure, was a source of amusement for the kids. They spent a good 15 mins scaling it up and down and walking through and around it. Yes my imagination leaves much to be desired but I’m amazed by their creativity.
So if you are looking for a really good park to spend some time at, you can try Pasir Ris Park (the end near the Home Team Chalets). Now I’ll just let the rest of the photos do the talking.

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