The Things I Miss about having a baby and the Things I Can’t Wait to do when they Grow Up

You know how we all talk about how life changes once you have kids and how you will no longer be able to do all the couple stuff that you used to do. We parents also talk about how we can’t wait for our kids to grow up alittle so that we can finally ‘pick up where we left off’ and do and enjoy all the things we did pre-kids.

While I talk about those stuff and occasionally miss doing the pre-kid stuff or think and look forward to doing the pre-kid stuff once they grow up. There are also times where I think back to the baby stage and miss having a baby around.

I absolutely miss….

  • Babywearing my kids (I absolutely love baby wearing, in fact I might even have a baby just so I can ‘wear’ them! 😀 But…. of course I change my mind once I remember the late night feeds, the colic and the clean-ups ;p)
  • Having a baby that can sleep anytime and anywhere as well as extended hours a day.
  • Not having to negotiate when I need to shower/ change a child

You will notice that this list is relatively short for me :p (Yes so I’m sorry Jah but I will not be having my 3rd baby anytime soon..maybe ever).

The list that is significantly longer for me, is the list of things I can’t wait to do when the kids grow up. Ironically though they are not the list of things I would like to finally do alone or enjoy with the hubby.

They are a list of things that I can’t wait to do with Jah and Bella and I can tell you that this list is ever-growing…

I really can’t wait…

  • To bring my theatre boy (and hopefully theatre girl) to a proper play or not kids theatre but the real thing!
  • To travel extensively with the kids. Plane rides where I don’t have to stay one step ahead of them and we can all just enjoy our inflight entertainment. Oh yes and itineraries need not revolve around naptimes and bedtimes. 🙂 Night markets here we come!


  • To be able to enjoy a spa day with my little girl. The boys are welcomed to join too if they want.
  • To have nice restaurant dinners with the kids. One that doesn’t require me to feed them first and then speed eat myself. We can all enjoy our steaks/ omakase at a leisurely pace.
  • To catch family movies (cartoons and non-cartoon ones). We are almost there…:)
  • For the kids to pick up golf and for us to play as a family…perfect flight!


Yes so while I’m pretty sure there are some stuff that I might want to finally do alone or enjoy with the hubby when the kids grow up..I am also pretty sure that both the hubby and I are on the same page when it comes to the things that we really absolutely can’t wait to do WITH the kids when they grow up…its going to be loads of fun!!!

What are some of the things that you miss about having a baby or can’t wait to do alone or with your kids when they grow up?

JahBella’s Mummy

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