ZooMoo TV on StarHub 306 + an App + a Giveaway!!!!! [Review]

I will be the first to admit that I have no qualms about allowing my kids to watch TV or play with their iPads. I know that there are lots of debate/ school of thought on this topic but both Joel and I maintain that we do what we have to do and hopefully that is enough or well in this case not too much :p

That being said, I of course do experience abit of guilt when I feel that I have allowed abit too much screen time for the day (especially when mummy just needs to snooze alittle more or need a few moments of peace. And then there are also the hazy days (i.e the last month and ongoing!) where we can’t do our usual outdoor activities which we thrive on.  Honestly there is only so much drawing/ colouring/ arts and craft or play fight that a kid can do in his 12 waking hours before he goes nuts within 4 walls (even the parents feel like they are going nuts!). :p

While we do monitor and control the material which they are exposed it, it absolutely helps to ease the ‘mummy guilt’ when I know that they are exposed to premium educational content such as the ZooMoo TV and the ZooMoo app.


ZooMoo is a new network for children aged 3-7. Its mission is to create a safe and exciting environment across multiple screens, to stimulate young bodies and minds.


Opening their special ZooMoo Gift pack..thanks Zoomoo!

Opening their special ZooMoo Gift pack..thanks Zoomoo!

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For more details on how to join the giveaway to win one of these fun gift packs, read on.

ZooMoo TV

The ZooMoo program lineup comprises of 1,500 self-contained shows, combining footage of wildlife with a range of puppetry, animations, and narrative techniques. Its programming schedule is packed into 1 hour blocks, organized in 5 themed strands- explore time, create time, play time, puzzle time and quiet time

The series shown in 1 hour blocks is repeated throughout the broadcast day on StarHub Channel 306.

Check out this link to watch some of the videos.

While JahBella were alittle unsure of the characters and the story line when they watched the show for the first time, they soon started ‘getting it’.

Flash! The engagingly good-natured photographer

Flash! The engagingly good-natured photographer

ZooMoo App

The ZooMoo app opens a world of interactive activities, where the tablet becomes an extension of the television screen, enhancing the viewing experience. Children and parents engage in a world of games, puzzles and activities – a concept wholeheartedly approved by world-leading educationalists.

Through the app, kids can look after 150 different animals on the secluded Zoomoo Island. Feed them, keep them clean, watch 150 real life videos, learn their names and sounds as well as take photos!

I would have to say that the ZooMoo App held an immediate appeal for JahBella especially for Jah. This was even when he was unfamiliar with the concept or characters from the show.

The app taught him about the different animals and through feeding the animals he learnt which animals preferred/ disliked which type of food. The concepts were easy to grasp for a 3.5 year old but at the same time had enough substance to keep him interested and learning new things.

The wonderful part of the app at least for the parents, is the fact that it doesn’t have any third party advertising within it or any in-app purchased required. You only require an internet connection when downloading the app for the first time and then you are good to go! Perfectly safe for the kids to explore without me having to worry that they will chance upon something inappropriate.

Learn more about the app at this link

Showing his little sister the ropes..

Showing his little sister the ropes..

Getting the hang of it

Getting the hang of it

If you are looking for good educational content on TV or on the tablet for your kids then this would be a really good option. Definitely haze resistant! 😉



The kind folks from ZooMoo will be giving away a ZooMoo Gift Pack to 1 lucky reader of Jahbella.net

And our winner of the ZooMoo Giveaway is Sandra New!!!!! Congrats Sandra! We will be contacting you shortly for your details. 🙂

To join the giveaway, just complete all the steps below.

The giveaway will end on 6 October 2015 2359hrs.

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2) This contest is opened to Singapore addressees only.
3) Limited to one winner per household.
4) Winners will be announced on Jahbella.net and we reserve the right to select another winner if the selected winner does not reply within 24 hours. Particulars of the winner will be given to the sponsor for the purpose of sending out the prize.

Good luck!

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