Kovan Special Noodle and Chikuwa Tei Chirashi – Food Journey

This blog was started to document our parenting and family travel adventures but this year I have decided that I will attempt to document our food journey as well. This might include not only food joints that are family friendly but the food ‘adventure’ that Joel and I embark on as a couple. 🙂 They may range from your simple hawker fare to ‘nice food’ for that special occasion. They say the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I say the key to a happy marriage is awesome food! Trust me! Totally tested! We argue less when there is good food. :p

So let’s kick off 2015 with the food we had today!

The Special Noodles at Kovan market is an old favourite for us. We discovered it way before Jah was born and used to have it almost every weekend. We have stopped visiting for awhile because bringing kids to a hawker centre and having to queue at least 20 mins for noodles is not exactly ideal. The stall serves your usual wanton mee, Ipoh hor fun and shredded chicken noodles etc but their signature dish is what they call Special Noodles which is kind of a mixture of all the above noodles I have mentioned. The sauce plus the chilli and tomato ketchup mix is simply awesome! Just make sure that you come early if you want to try their special noodles as they tend to sell out fast and the stall normally closes by late morning.


We decided that our lunch stop for today would include Jap food, a good barachirashi to be specific. We made a reservation at one of our usual Barachirashi haunts but found out when we got there that they were not serving their usual lunch bentos today! Argh! It was 210pm and we were fast running out of options. We did a quick search and ‘settled’ for Chikuwa Tei at Mohamed Sultan which was a 10 mins drive away. I am so glad that we were ‘forced’ to try this restaurant. At $25, their Chirashi sushi bowl is a real treat! Value for money with generous slabs of very fresh sashimi. They also had a very good variety of bentos and sides and we have decided to include them as one of our go to place for good jap food. 🙂

All in all, a very good start to 2015 yummy wise 😉

Here’s to more feasting, delicious food and a happy marriage!

JahBella’s Mummy