D’Elegance Shapewear Review

I shared about my personal consultation experience with local shapewear company, D’Elegance last week. After a week of putting their shapewear through the ‘rigourous’ task of daily wear under work dresses, casual jeans and tops and formal dresses for weddings. I now have a review of what works as well as my personal recommendations.

So during my personal consultation last week, I was fortunate enough to try most of their products including their wonderful corset which could work in both strap and strapless situation. However because I needed something that would take me through the daily grind rather than a cocktail party, I opted to take home the more versatile pieces like their absolutely divine brassiere and panties as well as their body suit, long girdle and waist slimmer.

As mentioned before, all their pieces could either be worn individually or all together! Yes trust me, it works even better when they are worn all at the same time and truly doesn’t add bulk.



Brassiere and Panties

Before I talk about the actual shapewear per se, I need to introduce D’Elegance’s Brassiere and Panties to everyone! I cannot say this enough but I absolutely love these pieces. Most women are actually wearing the wrong size when it comes to their bras, yes me included! And this causes a lot of problems and ultimately leads to long term issues like arm pit or back fats because the fats from the chest have moved to the wrong places and out of habit intend to stay in the wrong places.

I love that the D’Elegance bras provide fantastic support with a cup that doesn’t neglect the sides of the chest. I have often seen too many bras that provide insufficient support and barely cover enough. Of course, the personal consultation with D’Elegance also helped a great deal in getting me the right bra size and teaching me the right technique to wear a bra. Trust me, it’s not just about bending forward to fill the cup before hooking the clasp.


The panties are silky and super comfortable. Yes I know they look like ‘granny’ panties because of the high waist but they are the furthest things from unattractive granny panties. The lace on the panties are soft and non-scratchy and most importantly, it provides good coverage. Why must you have good coverage for your underwear you ask? Well so that you don’t find yourself with waist band marks that have dug so deep into your skin that they have pretty much become permanent and have shifted your fats into the wrong positions and cause fat folds to form and stay at part of your lower body. Definitely 1 product that I am going to be stocking up on!

Body Suit


I absolutely love the body suit because it can be worn with my favourite D’Elegance bra and panties. It provides me with excellent posture support and I found myself constantly going to this particular piece every day of the week because I loved that it helped me maintain an upright posture throughout the day. I have noticed recently that a slouch has become part and parcel of my posture and the body suit helped to keep me upright without being uncomfortable. The only downside for me is the fact that I can’t wear it with every top as its lace straps are alittle thicker than some of the straps of my tops. The body suit is a really comfortable piece and I actually wore it on a week where I was outdoors a lot and I didn’t feel the heat even with a body suit and long girdle on.

Long Girdle


My go to piece when I needed a flatter tummy and a perkier butt than what the body suit can give me. You will notice that the long girdle comes with a 3D butt area. This means that unlike regular shape wear which flattens your butt and makes it looks like a flat wide piece. The D’Elegance long girdle allows your butt to fill up the 3D space in its material and the result? A butt that is not flatten but rather, is shaped into a regular, toned butt. The panels around the abdomen areas are also ‘thicker’ than the body suit which means it is better used for addressing issues around the abdomen.



The 3D-ness

Waist Slimmer


The waist slimmer is as its name suggest, a binder which you can use to slim your waist. For those who have given birth before and use a Velcro binder to bind your tummies, this is somewhat similar except that it uses mini clasps to secure itself. Almost like a corset but just for the waist. This piece I have to say, is extremely effective!!!! I managed to fit into a dress that I had recently bought and had not been able to wear because it was a size too small! It not only slimmed my waist but also contained my hips so that I could fit into that dress nicely. Pure happiness when I realized I didn’t have to chuck that new purchase to the back of my cupboard!

One thing to note about the D’elegance pieces is the fact that different parts/ panels of each piece are made from slightly different materials or may be slightly thicker/ thinner than other parts. Which is the beauty of their product if you ask me. Unlike other brands which are made from 1 material only or come in 1 thickness throughout, the D’Elegance range ensures that there is flexibility and mouldability to its products, depending on the problem areas that each product is supposed to address.


So there we have it, my personal experiences with the D’Elegance pieces.

If you are looking to check out some of their pieces, do make an appointment for your own exclusive personal consultation. Quote JahBella for a waiver of the S$100 personal consultation fee and receive a discount of 5% off your first purchase.

D’Elegance is also having a 1 for 1 promotion (until 29 Feb 2016) for my favourite brassieres and panites!

Check out some of the info on D’Elegance’s products and packages below as well.






10 Anson Road

International Plaza #03-15/16

Singapore 079903

Tel: 6226-3013

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/delegance.shapewear

JahBella’s Mummy

Disclaimer: I was invited for a free personalized consultation with D’Elegance and given products for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are my own.


Personal Consultation with D’Elegance (Shapewear Consultation Review)

What is your first thought when I say shapewear? Well for someone who has tried various brands of shapewear (bought both online and from stores overseas), my first thought of shapewear is always that it has to be as tight as possible for it to be able to ‘squeeze’ and ‘slim’ as much as possible. Therefore when I was approached by D’Elegance to try out their personal consultation services and their shapewear products, I was rather skeptical. I mean how different could their services or products be to what I have already been buying online. However after reading more about the company and their products and learning that there could potentially be a difference between D’Elegance shapewear and the ones I was used to. I decided to just it a shot..and boy am I glad I did. I hadn’t realize how wrong I was about the purpose and usage of shapewear until my personal consultation session with D’Elegance.




During my personal consultation session with D’Elegance, I was educated on the purpose and usage of shapewear which contrary to belief, is not to squeeze/ flatten your fats and flabs. Rather it is as its name suggest, to shape your body curvature and body silhouette. Everyone has an ideal body shape based on our height and weight and the idea is well ,to be big at the areas that should be big and small at the areas that should be small (as we would say in chinese 该大的地方大,该小的地方小) :p Yes easier said than done right? Not exactly with shapewear..

The beauty of my personal consultation at D’Elegance was the fact that the entire process/ session was private and non-intrusive. A far cry from the departmental store nightmares of trying to catch the attention of the aunty sales lady who will take one look at you and assume your cup size and then proceed to announce it to the world.


At D’Elegance, I was asked to fill up a simple pre-consultation form and I was then ushered into a private consultation room. There, I was served a nice hot pot of tea while we began a very relaxing consultation and fitting in low ambient lighting. So no harsh lights to further magnify my flaws or to make me feel even more self-conscious of myself. Do take note that in order for D’elegance to provide such an exclusive and personal service, it is important that you make an appointment in advance so that they can ensure that you will be the only person they are serving during that time.





My pre-shapewear measurements were then taken by Elida Teh, the founder of D’elegance and she proceeded to explain to me what some of the more ‘unique’ measurements were about. For example, the ‘magic triangle’ measurement which involves the width measurement between the breasts as well as the length from each breast to your neck. This magic triangle pretty much tells you if your breasts are at their ideal position or if they might be sagging or too far apart. The measurements were taken ‘clinically’ so I didn’t feel self-conscious but at the same time it was personal enough because Elida took time to learn about my concerns.

Based on my measurements, Elida identified my ‘problem areas’ and choose pieces of shapewear which she felt would address my issues and give me my ideal shape. I was about to say give me BACK my ideal shape since a lot of us developed most of our issues after pregnancy and childbirth. But I realized that the shape which Elida had shown me through the shapewear, was something that I had not even achieved pre-kids.

The reasons could range from not owning the right bras and panties or not knowing the right way to put them on (yes there is a right way to put them on for maximum results), to not knowing what to accentuate.


After putting on the shapewear which was selected for me, Elida taught me little tips on how to ensure that I achieved maximum effect and impact with the shapewear. She then proceeded to take my post shapewear measurements, these measurements were then use to replot a diagram to show your ‘changes’ and how much closer to your ideal shape you now are.

 Honestly I was amazed at the post shapewear measurements! I knew for a fact that my usual shapewear would ‘flatten’ certain parts of my body minimally though I never quite knew by how much. I was shocked to see that D’Elegance shapewear had not only shaved 7cm off my abodomen and waist line combined but it was able to add 1cm to my chest line. Add 1cm you might ask? Isn’t shapewear supposed to make you smaller? Well no..shapewear is supposed to shape you which is why certain areas may become bigger because fats/ flabs from the wrong areas may have been returned to the right areas (eg. fat at the back or underarm fats to the chest area or thigh fats to the butt). My legs even measured longer than before even though I am pretty sure that I didn’t grow 3cm during the course of the personal consultation.



And just when I thought I could not be amazed any more, Elida showed me that I could mix and match different shapewears to achieve different effects. I could wear pieces individually or altogether. Yes I had layered 3 pieces of shapewear at 1 point without feeling like I would pass out from heat or compression and it didn’t add bulk.

If you want to find out which pieces of shapewear I had selected for my own collection based on my needs and lifestyle, stay tuned for our upcoming D’Elegance Product review in a week’s time.


In the meantime, if you would like to make an appointment with D’Elegance for your own exclusive, personal consultation session, do quote JahBella for a waiver of the $100 personal consultation fee and a discount of 5% off your first purchase. There is no better time than now especially if the thought of dressing up for CNY is proving to be abit of a hassle.

D’Elegance is also having a 1 for 1 promotion (until 29 Feb 2016) for all brassieres and panties and I can vouch for the fact that their bras and panties are absolutely divine!


10 Anson Road

International Plaza #03-15/16

Singapore 079903

Tel: 6226-3013

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/delegance.shapewear

JahBella’s Mummy

Disclaimer: I was invited for a free personalized consultation with D’Elegance and products for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

Bio Oil – Skincare Product [Review]

I pride myself on being pretty low maintenance when it comes to skincare, hair care and the likes. Or at least I like the idea of it all but I am really too lazy to see it through. So yes you will find my bathroom scattered with different skin care or hair care products that I eventually ‘forget’ about, after several uses. :p

However the realities and signs of ageing has definitely crept up on me and my skin no longer rejuvenates or renourishes itself as quickly as I would like to.

So when I was asked if I wanted to give Bio Oil a try, I jumped at the chance. After all, it claims to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, aging skin and dehydrated skin. All of which I can put a big fat tick beside!  Never mind that I’m the ‘too lazy to apply products daily’ kind of person, we will still give it a try because I need help!!! :p


When I first tried Bio Oil, I was alittle skeptical about using it on my face. After all, applying an oil product on my face, just didn’t seem like such a good idea. The thoughts of greasy T zone and clogged pores immediately came to mind. So I started off with applying Bio Oil on my arms and legs.

I started using Bio Oil around the time that we moved house and somehow our new environment (though in the same country) was causing a lot of dryness to my skin. Bio Oil to the rescue! In fact I even used it on Jah who suffers from eczema on the inside of his elbows/arms. The dryness in our new environment was causing his eczema to flare up a lot more and I was just uncomfortable controlling it with his prescribed medicated cream every day. I thought that he would be resistant to the use of ‘oil’ but he was very pleased with this new little ‘nice smell’ oil. Yes that is what he calls it because it smells fantastic!! In fact he would sometime request for me to apply it, just so that he can smell it AND he ALWAYS has to take a whiff of the opened bottle before application. To be fair, it really smells very very nice and this is coming from someone who is pretty sensitive to scents.

Super nice fragrance and lovely colour :) Happy stuff!

Super nice fragrance and lovely colour 🙂 Happy stuff!

As the days/ weeks past in our new place, my face started drying up as well. Seeing how Bio Oil rescued Jah and myself from the horrible dryness on our arms, I decided to go out on a limb (no pun intended) and use it on my face. Bio Oil claims to be non-greasy, hypoallergenic, ideal for all skin types including sensitive skin and won’t clog your pores, and I have to say that its claims were true. There was no oily residue after application even though the oil starts off very ‘oily’ and runny when poured out. The oil was quickly absorbed into the skin and I did not experience any clogging of pores.


So if there is 1 skincare regime product that JahBella’s Mummy will consider using on a daily basis and on the kids, it will be Bio Oil.

Bio-Oil is available in three sizes and is available at all leading pharmacies, selected departmental stores and hospitals. It retails at the following prices: 60ml – SGD $15.50, 125ml – SGD $$25.90, 200ml – SGD $35.90. For more information, visit bio-oil.com.

Next up! To try Bio Oil on my motherhood ‘battle scars’ – my stretch marks! 🙂

JahBella’s Mummy

Disclosure: JahBella received a complimentary bottle of Bio Oil for the purpose of this media review. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

Where to Stay with Kids in Tokyo [Hilton Tokyo Bay Review]

After the tough decision of having to decide which flight configuration and flight timing would work for us, I had another dilemma looming in the horizon..where to stay in Tokyo?

Here are some of the options we had and the rationale/ pros and cons behind each one.

  • Stay at a Disney Hotel for 11 days.

🙂 Minimize the need to move hotels and keep us really close to Disney on the 4 days we were intending to visit (perfect for going back for afternoon naps!)

😦 Visiting Tokyo on the other 7 days would be a hassle, with multiple train stops and at least 45 minutes travel time each way.

  • Stay at a Disney Hotel for half our trip and move to a city hotel for the other half.

🙂 Minimise travel time on a day to day basis

😦 Lose one entire day when we change hotels and we would have to visit Disney over a weekend and battle the crowds. [Read about our tips to surviving Disneyland Tokyo with kids]

  • Stay at a City hotel for 11 days

🙂 Easy travel for most part of our 11 day holiday

😦 Almost impossible to go back for afternoon naps on our 4 Days at Disneyland and lose out on a lot of the Disney experience

So which would you have chosen?:)

We eventually chose Option 1 which I know is probably not the most popular choice but we really cherish our naptimes :p (well rested kids = happy kids = happy parents) So yes we chose to struggle on most days and manage our itinerary within means.

We ended up booking a room at Hilton Tokyo Bay which although is not an Official Disney Hotel (The Disney hotels are connected to either Disneyland or Disney Sea) but it was fairly well-connected by a monorail line which served the Disney area (think our local LRT).

The hotel provided a free shuttle service to the nearby Bayside monorail station. We would usually take the shuttle bus to and from Bayside except at night when it tends to get really crowded. For those peak times, we would opt to take a nice slow 5 minutes stroll to our hotel.

Disney Shuttle to Bayside Station from our hotel

Disney Shuttle to Bayside Station from our hotel

With Mickey design and interior

With Mickey design and interior

Jah enjoying his front row seat everytime we took the Disney shuttle

Jah enjoying his front row seat everytime we took the Disney shuttle

Bayside monorail station would bring you to 3 other stations – Disneyland station, Disney Sea station and the main Maihama Station which would connect you to the greater Metro lines. The monorail takes about 15 minutes to complete an entire loop so it was really convenient and fast!


We bought a 3 day monorail pass which gave us unlimited rides (only adults need to pay)

The Disney monorail

The Disney monorail

Enjoying the view of Disneysea while enroute to Disneyland

Enjoying the view of Disneysea while enroute to Disneyland

All smiles for Disney!

All smiles for Disney!

The hotel also provided a direct shuttle service to Maihama Station for those who are heading out to the city. This was how we travelled out to the city on the other 7 days. This is also where you would find Ikispiari Mall, where we settled a lot of our meals when we were not heading out to the city.

Maihama Station

Maihama Station

The Hilton Tokyo Bay had several room types – 1 of which was the Happy Magic Room. The Happy Magic rooms are situated on their own level which was decorated in a Magic Forest Theme. It was a real treat for the kids and they would ‘greet’ the little dragon 3D holograms found near our lift lobby every time we took the lift.

The room we had was really awesome for 3 main reasons. The room was HUGE compared to many of the city hotels in Tokyo and honestly even Singapore!!! Yes, we had 3 queen sized beds put side by side and so we didn’t have to squeeze or worry about rolling off the bed. There was also ample playing space for the kids and our huge suitcases.

Huge Happy Magic Room!

Huge Happy Magic Room!

Wondering what to do with themselves in this big room

Wondering what to do with themselves in this big room

There were little tricks in the room to entertain the kids, like a magic mirror and a giant key to unleash the ‘magic’.

Magic Mirror and his princess friend

Magic Mirror and his princess friend

We also enjoyed our 180 degree sea view which offered us a glimpse of Mount Fuji on a nice clear day.

Brother and sister enjoying their seaview in the mornings

Brother and sister enjoying their seaview in the mornings

View of Mount Fuji from our room

View of Mount Fuji from our room

While the hotel does not offer room service, it does have a well-stocked convenience store where we would purchase our daily beverage and snacks replenishment. They also have a take-away deli which sells hot food, pastries and desserts, and they offer room delivery for an additional 20% charge. This was how we settled our dinner upon arrival and the food was pretty decent (tasty spaghetti bolognaise, curry rice, kiddy bento). The photo doesn’t do the food justice because I was too famished to take a good shot :p We ordered from the deli every time we were too lazy to eat out and the kids even requested to go back to the hotel for the deli food on a few occasion. 🙂

Well-stocked minimart at our hotel

Well-stocked minimart at our hotel

Our hot food upon arrival..takeaway from their Deli

Our hot food upon arrival..takeaway from their Deli

While it was really quite a hassle to travel out to the city from the hotel (for 7 days!!) Reality was a lot tougher than what I imagined in my head :p That being said, I would definitely still choose to stay at this hotel, the next time we visit Tokyo Disneyland (unless of course we decide to stay at the Official Disney Hotel 😉 )

The Hilton Tokyo Bay is a real value for money hotel especially if you book early..:) (Think $300 a night vs $900 a night!) It is after all a Hilton right?

JahBella’s Mummy

ZooMoo TV on StarHub 306 + an App + a Giveaway!!!!! [Review]

I will be the first to admit that I have no qualms about allowing my kids to watch TV or play with their iPads. I know that there are lots of debate/ school of thought on this topic but both Joel and I maintain that we do what we have to do and hopefully that is enough or well in this case not too much :p

That being said, I of course do experience abit of guilt when I feel that I have allowed abit too much screen time for the day (especially when mummy just needs to snooze alittle more or need a few moments of peace. And then there are also the hazy days (i.e the last month and ongoing!) where we can’t do our usual outdoor activities which we thrive on.  Honestly there is only so much drawing/ colouring/ arts and craft or play fight that a kid can do in his 12 waking hours before he goes nuts within 4 walls (even the parents feel like they are going nuts!). :p

While we do monitor and control the material which they are exposed it, it absolutely helps to ease the ‘mummy guilt’ when I know that they are exposed to premium educational content such as the ZooMoo TV and the ZooMoo app.


ZooMoo is a new network for children aged 3-7. Its mission is to create a safe and exciting environment across multiple screens, to stimulate young bodies and minds.


Opening their special ZooMoo Gift pack..thanks Zoomoo!

Opening their special ZooMoo Gift pack..thanks Zoomoo!

FullSizeRender (3)

For more details on how to join the giveaway to win one of these fun gift packs, read on.

ZooMoo TV

The ZooMoo program lineup comprises of 1,500 self-contained shows, combining footage of wildlife with a range of puppetry, animations, and narrative techniques. Its programming schedule is packed into 1 hour blocks, organized in 5 themed strands- explore time, create time, play time, puzzle time and quiet time

The series shown in 1 hour blocks is repeated throughout the broadcast day on StarHub Channel 306.

Check out this link to watch some of the videos.

While JahBella were alittle unsure of the characters and the story line when they watched the show for the first time, they soon started ‘getting it’.

Flash! The engagingly good-natured photographer

Flash! The engagingly good-natured photographer

ZooMoo App

The ZooMoo app opens a world of interactive activities, where the tablet becomes an extension of the television screen, enhancing the viewing experience. Children and parents engage in a world of games, puzzles and activities – a concept wholeheartedly approved by world-leading educationalists.

Through the app, kids can look after 150 different animals on the secluded Zoomoo Island. Feed them, keep them clean, watch 150 real life videos, learn their names and sounds as well as take photos!

I would have to say that the ZooMoo App held an immediate appeal for JahBella especially for Jah. This was even when he was unfamiliar with the concept or characters from the show.

The app taught him about the different animals and through feeding the animals he learnt which animals preferred/ disliked which type of food. The concepts were easy to grasp for a 3.5 year old but at the same time had enough substance to keep him interested and learning new things.

The wonderful part of the app at least for the parents, is the fact that it doesn’t have any third party advertising within it or any in-app purchased required. You only require an internet connection when downloading the app for the first time and then you are good to go! Perfectly safe for the kids to explore without me having to worry that they will chance upon something inappropriate.

Learn more about the app at this link

Showing his little sister the ropes..

Showing his little sister the ropes..

Getting the hang of it

Getting the hang of it

If you are looking for good educational content on TV or on the tablet for your kids then this would be a really good option. Definitely haze resistant! 😉



The kind folks from ZooMoo will be giving away a ZooMoo Gift Pack to 1 lucky reader of Jahbella.net

And our winner of the ZooMoo Giveaway is Sandra New!!!!! Congrats Sandra! We will be contacting you shortly for your details. 🙂

To join the giveaway, just complete all the steps below.

The giveaway will end on 6 October 2015 2359hrs.

Terms & Conditions:
1) Contest ends on 6 October 2015 2359hrs (Singapore timezone).
2) This contest is opened to Singapore addressees only.
3) Limited to one winner per household.
4) Winners will be announced on Jahbella.net and we reserve the right to select another winner if the selected winner does not reply within 24 hours. Particulars of the winner will be given to the sponsor for the purpose of sending out the prize.

Good luck!

JahBella’s Mummy