3 Things I have Learnt About Christmas as a Parent

  • Gone are the days where our Christmas parties used to start at 9pm on Christmas Eve and go on till the early hours of Christmas Day. Our Christmas Eve parties now end at 9pm, yes which is also the children’s bedtime. I’m not complaining though..there is something strangely calming and peaceful about a quiet Christmas Eve night. Reminder to new parents – do turn in early too, trust me you will be awoken very early on Christmas morning to open gifts. :p
  • How many of you remember being super excited about getting your little ones to unwrap their own presents when they were little babies/ toddlers (less than 2 years old). Wishing they would be able to open the whole thing without your help or at least show some interest so that you can record the moment properly. A word of advice 😉 – Savour the moment when they can’t open their own gifts and they still need your help. In 2 Christmases, you will be wishing that they would stay away from your own presents and would allow you to open them yourselves.  Jah opened everyone’s presents this Christmas…yes…every single present he could lay his little hands on…:/
  • Spring cleaning is not just for Chinese New Year. Yes, please do yourself a favour and spring clean before Christmas. This means packing up all the clothes and toys which your kids no longer needs. The house feels so clean and empty after doesn’t it? Don’t worry, a new toy avalanche will be unleashed upon you on Christmas Day and the house will feel normal again. :p

So yes here are the 3 things I learnt about Christmas as a parent and I am sure the list is probably going to get longer…oh i miss Christmas 🙂

JahBella’s Mummy

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