Why I want to start writing to my kids

It dawned unto me this morning, the real reason why we love online shopping so much. Yes there are the obvious benefits like convenience, shopping from the comforts of your home, good deals, home delivery, borderless purchase and the list goes on. But I think the real reason comes down to 3 words…You’ve got mail!

How many of us remember the anticipation and joy of opening our letterboxes to find a letter from our pen-pals? In fact you might have been waiting for weeks for that letter because your penpal resides half way across the globe. I remember having a penpal from Canada when I was in primary school and I had to wait 1-2 months each time before I even receive a reply. Nowadays the only thing we find when we open our letterboxes are bills, property flyers, bank statements and well more bills. Hardly a good enough reason to anticipate or be joyful. Continue reading